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Poverty is not an accident, which means it can be unmade. It is our goal to present the solutions to poverty in a follow-up documentary to THE END OF POVERTY?

TO END POVERTY! will present 10 groups of solutions that can end poverty in this lifetime.

When we traveled with and spoke to the exporters in THE END OF POVERTY?, we asked them what types of real solutions would end poverty. Some might seem obvious: The guarantee of shelter, healthcare, education, food, and drinking water. While others would require the upending of our hyper-capitalistic society such as: a basic minimum income—regardless of employment—as a fundamental human right, which would not cost that much to implement.

TO END POVERTY! would be constructed from the conversations with these experts as well as new interviews with individuals and organizations spearheading new movements in the US and abroad . Together, they become Ten Solutions to End Poverty. Read more...


Clifford Cobb - Executive Producer

Clifford Cobb has been a tireless supporter of the film. He is the former president of the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation board and currently serves as it program director. He edited The Path to Justice: Following in the Footsteps of Henry George and served as a senior fellow at Redefining Progress (RP), a nonprofit organization in Oakland, California. At RP, Mr. Cobb developed the Genuine Progress Indicator (a measure of national economic welfare). He is also the author of "The Roads Aren't Free: Estimating the Full Social Costs of Driving and the Effects of Accurate Pricing" and several other nationally published articles.

Matthew Stillman - Co-Producer

Matthew Stillman has worked professionally in cable television production and development for 12 years. He worked for Food Network for five years and developed some of their hit shows like Iron Chef and Good Eats. Additionally he has worked for numerous other cable networks and production companies ranging from New York Times Television to National Lampoon.

He has a deep interest in progressive politics and social justice issues which, coupled with his own studies and activism, drove him to become a board member of the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation. While on the board he conceived of, and wrote the first proposal for the film. This is his first feature documentary.

Richard Castro - Co-Producer

Richard Castro joined Cinema Libre Studio in 2004 as director of its grassroots outreach department, helping to launch the theatrical campaign of "Uncovered: The War on Iraq". Working on the distribution of numerous documentaries, including "Outfoxed", "WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception", and "The Future of Food", he was eventually elevated to head of theatrical distribution and has been responsible for the release of such socially significant films as "Voices In Wartime", "The Empire In Africa", "Desert Bayou", and "Angels In The Dust". In addition to overseeing the studio's theatrical department, Castro is also Executive Producer of its "Speaking Freely" DVD series.

His past experience includes work in production at Lorimar Television and in the domestic distribution and international divisions of 20th Century Fox and Fox Video, respectively. He holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University.

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10 Solutions to End Poverty

Our aim
"Poverty will never end unless there are real solutions to end it; solutions based on economic justice and political changes."

Sign The Petition
"Our goal is to get 10 million signatures (globally) in 10 years and to moblize your support to force our leaders to implement such policy changes."

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