Directors Statement

Feature length directorial debut, The Great Postal Heist, weaves the personal story of director Jay Galione’s father, a postal clerk, with stories of postal workers nationwide who are harassed, threatened, and fired for standing up for themselves and their fellow employees.

While gathering stories with fellow filmmaker Sheila Dvorak, the very existence of the Post Office became threatened and a fight to Save the Post Office emerged. Through destructive acts of Congress, the government stole billions from the USPS, forcing a crisis. Now postal managers are cutting services, privatizing, downsizing, and eliminating hundreds of thousands of jobs. The film upends the conventional story that the Internet is killing the Post Office.

The Great Postal Heist is more than a documentary film about what is happening inside the Postal Service, it is a critical part of the movement to Save The People’s Post Office. Up against the trillion-dollar mail industry and its politicians who are privatizing the Postal Service in order to raise prices and lower wages, postal workers and activists are fighting back.

The only way to reclaim our historic and public communication service is to educate, motivate, and inspire the American people. We must defend what is ours before it is gone. That is why we need to release this film now! Jay and Sheila believe the story they will tell in The Great Postal Heist is needed to catalyze the public and save the Post Office.

  • • To STOP the shift from Living Wage to Low Wage jobs.
  • • To STOP the Sale of Properties We The People own.
  • • To PROTECT our Universal, Affordable access to Communicate from Every Corner of the Country.


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