Alexia Anastasio

Alexia Anastasio is an artist, actress and filmmaker who has starred, co-directed and co-produced many independent film productions. Anastasio draws, paints and enjoys doing collage work and photography. As an actress she was recently featured in the film SUPERNATURALZ, HBO's 'BORED TO DEATH,' VH1 "If you like..." commercial and Vetiver Everyday music video.

Anastasio started experimenting in film about 11 years ago while she was attending SUNY Purchase. She made many short films some experimental narratives and documentaries, started her own art, music and film festival, CAMP Festival. She has worked for many directors, festivals, distribution companies and even an independent cinema. After working behind the scenes on many independent shorts and features, she edited a feature documentary, VAMPIRA: THE MOVIE, associate produced, THE WILD WORLD OF TED V. MIKELS, produced and starred in mockumentary, 7 DEADLY SINS: INSIDE THE ECOMM CULT and helped promote and sell the movies at horror and comic book conventions. Not to mention that selling her short films at events. That is where she discovered that there was a profound connection between fan and filmmaker.

ADVENTURES IN PLYMPTOONS!, is her first feature documentary. She has also recently mentored a young filmmaker, Dana Farley with her first documentary film, BEYOND THE NOISE: MY TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION JOURNEY where she interviews and is interviewed by filmmaker David Lynch.

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"Bill is an artist who is living his dream life every day. He gives young artists and filmmakers the inspiration to believe they can succeed as he has. Inspiration is contagious."

"I met Bill as a person first and then as an animator. He really stands out, as someone, who doesn't compromise his vision or, his dream and does what he what he loves to do everyday..."

"Bill Plympton is an independent artist. He doesn't have to answer to any big studios. He is totally free to do his art anyway he likes. This is extremely rare. He is truly an independent spirit in every sense of the word. I chose to make a documentary about Bill Plympton because I admire that quality, passion and persistence. It is very Peter Pan story. We all don't want to grow up and we see that Bill didn't have too. He decided, Nope. I am going to draw all day instead and travel the world and have people admire my films and laugh with me."

"Priority of the film is to have fun making it, promoting it, screening it and make people laugh. We hope to encourage others that they can make art independently."