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Poverty is not an accident, which means it can be unmade. It is our goal to present the solutions to poverty in a follow-up documentary to THE END OF POVERTY?

TO END POVERTY! will present 10 groups of solutions that can end poverty in this lifetime.

When we traveled with and spoke to the exporters in THE END OF POVERTY?, we asked them what types of real solutions would end poverty. Some might seem obvious: The guarantee of shelter, healthcare, education, food, and drinking water. While others would require the upending of our hyper-capitalistic society such as: a basic minimum income—regardless of employment—as a fundamental human right, which would not cost that much to implement.

TO END POVERTY! would be constructed from the conversations with these experts as well as new interviews with individuals and organizations spearheading new movements in the US and abroad . Together, they become Ten Solutions to End Poverty. Read more...

THE EXPERTS (continued)

MIRIAM CAMPOS - National Coordinator for the Empowerment of Indigenous People a department created for the first time under Evo Morales although the population of Bolivia has always been the majority indigenous.

NORA CASTAÑEDA - President of Venezuela's Women's Development Bank (BANMUJER) based in Caracas, Venezuela.

Read more here.

DAVID ELLERMAN - Ellerman worked at the World Bank from 1992 to 2003 where he was an economic advisor to the Chief Economist (Joseph Stiglitz and Nicholas Stern). Now he is a visiting scholar at the University of California in Riverside and a published author.

Read more here.

JOSHUA FARLEY - Assistant Research Professor at The University of Vermont earned a Ph.D. in Agricultural, Resource and Managerial Economics with concentrations in development economics, quantitative methods and ethics. Board member of the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation.

Read more here.

PABLO FERNANDEZ - Water warrior in Cochambamba, Bolivia.

JÉROME GUILLET - Guillet is an investment banker in Paris, working in structured finance for the energy sector and focusing on wind power projects. A graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, he holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the EHESS in Paris. He edits European Tribune, a community blog focused on European and energy issues, and is active on DailyKos under the nom de net Jérome à Paris.

Read more of his work on DailyKos.

JOSEPH OLE KISHAU - Community leader of the Namuncha Maasai Community Group in the Naivasha region in Kenya.

MILOON KOTHARI - Miloon Kothari was appointed in September 2000 by the UN Commission on Human Rights as Special Rapporteur on adequate housing.

Read more here.

EDGARDO LANDER - Professor of social sciences at the Universidad Central de Caracas in Venezuela, and is a specialist on Eurocentrism and Colonialism in Latin American Social Thought. He is also a fellow at the Transnational Institute.

Learn more about his work with the Transnational Institute.

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10 Solutions to End Poverty

Our aim
"Poverty will never end unless there are real solutions to end it; solutions based on economic justice and political changes."

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"Our goal is to get 10 million signatures (globally) in 10 years and to moblize your support to force our leaders to implement such policy changes."

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