The Sun Came Out

Brief History of 7 Worlds Collide

Studio discussion

In 2001, Neil Finn invited his heroes, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder (a huge Split Enz fan), Ed O'Brien and Phil Selway from Radiohead and of course, The Smith's Johnny Marr to come to New Zealand for some concerts. Lisa Germano and Sebastian Steinberg had already been playing with Neil before inviting the other musicians. Neil came up with the idea of them all gathering to put on 3 shows featuring Neil's songs, Smiths' songs, Pearl Jam songs and various other music. He named it 7 Worlds Collide after one of his own lyrics. The shows were sold out and they made a documentary of it. There was no marketing and there was only one screening on local TV, maybe a few copies sold on DVD and that was about it. The concert was called 7 Worlds Collide – Neil Finn and Friends Live at the St James.

Finale Seven years later after meeting up in London with all of the previous musicians, they had talked about getting together and had made the decision to do it again -- at some point. At the same time, Oxfam had approached Neil about doing a charity record. So it all fell into place. Unfortunately, Eddie Vedder was unavailable so Neil invited Wilco instead. KT Tunstall was in New Zealand on her honeymoon, so she and her husband joined in. Lisa Germano and Sebastian Steinberg were invited back and Neil's sons, Liam and Elroy came on board as well as top New Zealand artists, Bic Runga and Don McGlashan. So it happened again. This time we called it, The Sun Came Out after one of Lisa's lyrics.