The Sun Came Out

The Filmmaker

Simon Mark-BrownSimon Mark-Brown has been directing for over twenty years. He formed Republic Films in 1992 and has since shot hundreds of television commercials for most agencies in Australia and New Zealand and has won many international awards including two Cannes finalists. 

He also directed two international, award-winning short films, a documentary on the life of singer John Rowles (New Zealand's Elvis) and this feature film 'The Sun Came Out' – featuring Neil Finn, Johnny Marr, Radiohead and Wilco amongst others – recording and performing an album in New Zealand one summer.

Simon completed a bachelor of architecture last year and is now working on a documentary of his deceased father's architectural work. He has two gorgeous daughters, a lovely wife, a silly dog, likes golf and plays drums in an alt-country band called Giddyup.