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Film Title: The Girl From The Brothel
Director: Ilaria Borrelli
Film Website:

Mia, a 35 year-old successful photographer living in Paris, finds herself suffering from a typical bourgeois malaise, seeking solace in cocaine. Looking for a fresh start and inspiration, she flies to Cambodia to surprise her timber trader husband Xavier, and hopes to create the child for whom she longs.

Instead of finding a warm welcome at the hotel, she discovers Xavier in a seedy brothel having sex with a little girl, Srey. Mia faints in shock. When she comes to her senses, she wanders through the slums in a daze, shaken by the exploitation of both young boys and young girls.

Mia resolves to right the wrongs she has witnessed and saves Srey from Sanan, Srey's pimp. She cashes as much money as she can, but it's still not enough to buy the girl's freedom. Sanan offers Mia an alternative bargain: by surrendering her own body to Sanan's client, a high government official, that Mia manages to attain Srey's release. But this sacrifice drives her to use cocaine, again...

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The Girl From The Brothel Grassroots Special (5 DVDs)

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