Cast & Crew

WRITER/DIRECTOR - Ilaria Borrelli

Ilaria Borrelli's diverse and accomplished career reflects her passion for the arts. She has succeeded as an actress, director, and writer.

Ilaria's artistic journey began with her study of classical piano as a child, but she graduated from the Accademia di Arte Drammatica Silvio D'Amico in Rome with a love for acting. She won her first lead acting roles on Italian and French television shows such as Vento Di Mare, La Cavaliere, La Mondaine, and Polly West Est De Retour. At the same time, Ilaria honed her acting skills in live theatre. She performed in several Italian productions directed by Roberto Guicciardini, Andrea Camilleri and Marco Sciaccaluga. In cinema she acted in movies by Taviani Brothers, Gianfranco Mingozzi and Ruggero Deodato.

After establishing a successful acting career, Ilaria broadened her artistic scope and turned to directing. Using all of her savings, she moved to New York City to study at The New School, as well as attend private classes such as Writers Boot Camp. In New York, Ilaria produced four short films including Keirkegaard in Mushroom Sauce (finalist for the Troisi prize and winner of the New School Award) and Pizza!

As a multi-faceted artist, Ilaria has enjoyed a prolific career as a writer. Her diverse and ecletic work includes several screenplays (Out of the Shadows, A Queen against Rome, This Life Or The Next One, La Rosa di Roma, My Husband's Wife, Honorable Discharge), four published novels (Scosse, Luccatmi, Domani si gira, Tanto rumore per Tullia) and some TV writing. For her writing works she was awarded with the MEDIA FUND from European Community, the very important French Sopadin, the Prevert 2000, the Premio Firenze, the American Fade In, the New Century writer and the Marengo D'oro.

Our Italian Husband, with Brooke Shields, Chavy Chase, Pierfrancesco Favino and Maria Grazia Cucinotta is Ilaria's feature film directorial debut. Her second movie written and directed is Wine and Kisses, with F.Murray Abraham, Bernadette Peters, Enrico Lo Verso and Galatea Ranzi.

Her third feature, The Girl from the Brothel, was shot in Cambodia and is about child prostitution. In the film she plays the character "Mia."

XAVIER - Philippe Caroit

Born in Paris, Philippe Caroit is the fourth of seven children. His teenage in the 1970s left an everlasting love of people, travel and remote places. He thus decided to study medicine to join up with the wave of french doctors.

Moving to Montpellier enabled him to explore his affinity with theatre at the Conservatoire, to continue his studies and at the same time enjoy the sun and sea.

In his sixth year of medicine, he gave up the double life of actor-doctor to join the Theatre du Soleil with Ariane Mouchkine. His cinema career began with Eric Rohner and television with Jean Claude Brisseau.

To date, he has played in more than 100 French and foreign films for cinema and television across the globe, including Italian, British, American, Australian and Cuban. Philippe not only speaks English and Italian fluently, but German and Spanish too.

He frequently goes back to theatre and in 2010 met Robert Hossein once again for Seznec, more than 20 years after playing the role of Jesus at the Palais des Sports.

In 1999 he made his first short film, Faire-part, with Christine Murillo, Antoine Dulery and Caroline Tresca, who is also mother of his daughter, Blanche.

Although a dolce far niente enthusiast, Philippe is actually very sporty. He also devotes spare time to painting and writing.

Key Crew

Guido Freddi - Writer and Producer

Guido is an independent producer, filmmaker, and musician, married to actress and writer Ilaria Borrelli, and father of their two children. A passionate mountaineer (Himalayas, Andes, Alps, Rockies) and sailor, he graduated summa cum laude in Anthropology at the University of Rome "La Sapienza." He's presently co-producing films with Germany, France, Belgium, India, Nepal and Kyrgyzystan.

In 2011 he produced (co-wrote and co-directed) "The Girl from The Brothel", a drama for theatrical release centred around children sexual exploitation in Cambodia.

In 2010, together with Ilaria Borrelli, he wrote, produced, and directed the short movie "Frozen Souls."

In 2008, he wrote with Ilaria Borrelli the screenplay "This Life or the Next One" set in Tibet. In 2009 the screenplay became finalist at the Prix u Meilleur Scenariste Francais, immediately finding a producer (Bel Ombre films), and a distributor (SD distribution) in France.

In 2007, Guido left for the Indian Himalayas to shoot a documentary in the footsteps of professor Giuseppe Tucci's 1933 expedition.

In 2006 he worked on Ilaria Borrelli's new movie "Come le Formiche" (feat. Galatea Ranzi, Enrico Lo Verso, F. Murray Abraham, Bernadette Peters) as 1st assistant director. He also created the original soundtrack (recorded by its new trio of jazz and by the D.R.Orchestra of Rome) which is produced by CAM records.

In 2004, he traveled to Nepal to shoot a documentary on Tamang (a people of Tibetan origins who were suffering during the ongoing civil war, at that time at its most violent stage). The documentary was awarded a special mention at the festival of Ischia and was bought by the public television channel RAI. In 2006 it was made into DVD (LANGTANG: Overcoming Nepal Civil War) produced by Capetoste, featuring new footage filmed in Nepal in 2005.

In 2002, he worked as 1st assistant director to Ilaria Borrelli on the set of the feature-length film Our Italian Husband (Chevy Chase, Brooke Shieds, PF Favino, MG Cucinotta). For the same film, he also directed the 2nd unit and created soundtrack, recorded partly in Sofia (with the Bulgarian Symphonic Orchestra) and partly in New York (with his own jazz quartet.

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