Accolades & Synopsis

THE GIRL FROM THE BROTHEL was originally released on the international film festival circuit as TALKING TO THE TREES (as a Director's cut) where it was an official selection and won several awards and the support of NGO's working to end child sex trafficking including SIGNIS, UNICEF France and CARITAS. It was screened at the United Nations in Geneva and for King Albert and Queen Paola of Belgium at the European Parliament. After some editing, it was released on over 200 screens in Italy and France in 2016.


Women's International Film Festival Miami - Best Film Award

Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival


Hoboken International Film Festival

Monaco Charity International Film Festival

Victoria Film Festival

Lucerne International Film

Women's International Film & Arts Festival

Montreal World Film Festival

Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival

London International Film Festival

Madrid International Film Festival

Madrid International Film Festival Official Selection


Bored by her comfortable, middle-class existence, Mia (Ilaria Borrelli), a successful Paris-based photographer, flies to Cambodia to surprise her businessman husband, Xavier (Philippe Caroit). She plans to convince him to start a family with her, as she has always wanted.

But her hope for a romantic rendezvous is dashed when she spies her husband in a brothel, having sex with an eleven year-old girl named Srey. Mia, her world turned completely upside down, resolves to rescue Srey and return her to the remote village from where she was abducted. Mia strikes a repulsive bargain with Sanan, the brothel owner, and sacrifices her own body to a high-powered government official in order to liberate the little girl. She and Srey then embark on the long journey home.

However, Mia discovers that Srey has stowed away Daa and Malin, two other young escapees from the brothel. They had also stolen money from Sanan and Mia realizes that they, too, will be hunted down. Torn by the sudden additional responsibility, Mia reluctantly agrees to help all three children return to their separate villages spread across the Cambodian jungle.

Under constant threat from their pursuers, Mia and the girls embark on a perilous escape to freedom and, along the way, are reminded that there is still much to celebrate in life.

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