Click HERE and tell us your thoughts! We'd love to hear how the film has impacted you and publish it on our site. What did you find most compelling about the film? Is this film a tool that will shape the discourse on homelessness in your community? In what ways did you relate or empathize to the caseworkers onscreen?

"The Advocates is a powerful film examining the real-life struggles of homeless Angelenos, as well as the advocates and social workers who serve them. It lifts up what needs to be done to solve this crisis in the nation's second largest city. As an organization based in Skid Row, Inner City Law Center applauds The Advocates and urges filmgoers to see this documentary and get involved."
– Jerry Jones, Inner City Law Center

“The film was wonderful! I'm excited to see how we can use this film to further our work in LA!”
Anne Miskey, Union Station Homeless Services

“One of the great gifts of this film is the way it can begin a broader conversation about empathy. Humanizing the plight of people experiencing homelessness can help drive the conversation surrounding solutions, and right now, that conversation is focused on housing with services. The Advocates is masterful at promoting a genuine discussion about empathy, community, policy, housing and ultimately, #everyonein!”
– Maryam Zar, former Chair, Pacific Palisades Taskforce on Homelessness

“At our organizations board meeting I shared that our staff helped promote and participated on the discussion panel for the Pasadena showing of The Advocate. I then showed the trailer for the movie. The impact was huge and it stimulated discussions on the importance of showing the trailer to donors and community people to help them understand and appreciate the hard work we and others do. The board truly felt the necessity to help our community realize the homeless crisis is real.”
- Betty McWilliams, Executive Director, Foothill Unity Center, Inc.

“This film helped me realize the true magnitude of the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles. I realized how different every one of these people without a roof truly is. Unconsciously, I classified the homeless as different from myself, as someone part of another world. However, The Advocates allowed me to tap back into the reality of the crisis that is occurring across Los Angeles. If this film were shown to the community, I think that people would find it impactful and depressing. It may not be enough to evoke action from everyone that watches, but if it touches even one person, I believe that is enough.This movie shows the heroes that choose to fight with the homeless out of their love, strength and motivation. There are countless more that the movie does not show who this movie recognizes and celebrates. Most of all, the movie helps me be grateful and appreciate my modest apartment.”
- Enika (Case Worker, Foothill Unity Center) & Ian McLane

"The documentary shows the commitment Outreach workers make on a daily basis, to help meet the needs of participant’s on the streets. I served numerous mission’s while in the Marine Corps but now I serve my community with a different mission. That is to help end homelessness. With LA Family Housing’s commitment to whatever it takes, I am committed to leaving no one behind"
- Noe Tejeda, Outreach Specialist, LA Family Housing