“A deep, intersectional look at the socioeconomic factors behind our city’s homeless crisis.”
- Marialexa Kavanaugh, LAist

“A powerful look at the unsung heroes who are out on the streets of Los Angeles at all hours.”
- Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times

“Has real impact!”
- Alonso Duralde, KCRW Press Play

"I was particularly touched by your story, because you see here the work that you do and how all-encompassing it is, and how emotionally challenging it is for someone doing the work."
- Larry Mantle, KPCC Film Week

“This candid look at the homeless problem in LA could start a new movie movement.”
- Jason Coleman, Why So Blu

“The power of The Advocates isn’t so much in its depiction of a truly monumental problem, but in its depiction of a solution.”
- Anthony Garcia Taormina, The Film Era Read More

"An ode to those who do everything they can to find housing for the homeless, as well as a primer on Los Angeles County’s tumultuous housing history and the origins of its homeless crisis."
- Brian Marks, The Argonaut Read More

"Your job is like Groundhog day: It's doing the same thing everyday, it may not change or get better, but you have to do it."
- Conor Holt, One Week Only Read More

"What the film does leave viewers with is a sense of renewed appreciation for its namesake: the advocates who are working day in and day out to keep fighting for the individuals against all odds. Their tenacity is courageous and worthy of being championed. “...this film can simply remind us all to be more compassionate to our neighbors who do not share the privilege of housing security, and take extra steps toward supporting our community."
- H. Nelson Tracey, Cinemacy Read More

"The Advocates is certainly well-meaning and does shed a lot of light on the human toll of our “urban refugees…The Advocates takes an insider look at a compelling crisis that seems to be mushrooming across Los Angeles far beyond the confines of Skid Row: Homelessness."
- Ed Rampell, People’s World Read More

"This compelling documentary...eloquently reports on the structural reasons that have led many of them to end up in the streets, such as the brutal increases in rent prices as a result of gentrification."
- Sergio Burstein, LAFF Read More

"Intensely human and humanizing, The Advocates, provides a sweeping look at the historic and current causes of L.A’s unprecedented crises, largely due to defunded affordable housing"
- Chris Maynard, Following Films Read More

"The Advocates seeks to highlight the hard work of those who tirelessly lend a helping hand to Los Angeles’ homeless."
- Pierce Singgih, Film School Rejects Read More