What People Are Saying

"Powerful message, must-watch for parents and teens
- John F. Wilson, Senior Vice President, WETA National Productions

"Absolutely incredible and powerful.
- Colleen Creighton, CEO, American Association Suicidology

Forces us to open our eyes to the growing devastation that is teen suicide…As a mother of two boys, this film rocked me. I made it an impressive 10 minutes before shedding tears, though my seatmates broke down sooner. Everyone knows a kid. Everyone needs to see this.
- Tara Finley, LA Weekly

'Tell My Story' is a powerful and compelling look at the ripple effect that suicide has on a family. This film follows the incredible journey of a grieving father searching for hope to give to those who remain. Cinematically beautiful and emotionally riveting, this film is unforgettable. It is a story of conscience and conviction that will inspire all.
- Kevin Hines, Co-Founder, The Hines Foundation/Co-director“Suicide:The Ripple Effect”

‘Tell My Story’ will help parents understand the important role they play in opening up much needed conversations and helping their kids to find their reasons for living.
- Stan Collins, Suicide Prevention Specialist/Media Representative at San Diego County Suicide Prevention Council

This heartbreaking film shows how suicide can affect any family—whether they are troubled and chaotic or loving, successful and intact. As Jay poignantly discovers throughout this story, parents can help teens through troubled times by asking what’s going on and listening to them with empathy. And if you’re still worried, don’t ignore the signs. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. Get help.
- Lyn Morris, LMFT, Didi Hirsch’s Chief Operating Officer