What is Gathr®?

Gathr® allows people to bring TELL MY STORY to a movie theatre in their communities without the responsibility of booking the venue, coordinating the film and handling ticketing…plus the organizer can earn a profit as the Movie Captain! The platform is GATHR Theatrical on Demand® and based on your region’s COVID protocols, events can transpire as early as 5 weeks!

For September, which is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, our goal is to screen TELL MY STORY in 25 communities. The film is a powerful tool to spark conversations amongst parents, caregivers, educators, and peers as to how we can better support our teens’ and their mental health and especially needed right now.

We hope you’ll join us!

How do Gathr® screenings happen?

Requested Gathr® screenings can only happen if a minimum number of people reserve tickets before a screening request expires. Every screening page shows you the number of current reservations, the number of additional reservations needed to tip the screening, as well as how much time remains before that screening request expires. When enough people reserve tickets to a screening before time expires, the screening takes place. If the minimum number of reservations is not met, the screening will not take place, and nobody is charged.

How do I reserve or purchase a ticket to a movie?

Enter your location/zip code on the map widget on the Organize a Screening Page. If there are screenings available, it shows up on the map with a drop down of theater options to choose from. Select which theater you would like, and press continue!

If the minimum number of tickets have not yet been reserved, the dot is dark green, and you will be prompted to reserve a ticket by pre-authorizing your credit card.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will only be charged once the screening has met the minimum number of reservations. If the screening has reached its minimum number of attendees, the dot appears bright green and your ticket purchase will be processed immediately. If the minimum number of attendees is not met in the time frame given, the screening does not take place, and nobody is charged.

Can I organize this screening as a fundraiser?

Gathr has been instrumental in grassroots theatrical releases for movies across America. Plenty of those screenings are hosted by nonprofit groups, so if you're thinking of doing the same, your movie screening should be right at home. You can use this screening as an opportunity to raise awareness and galvanize your community into action. You can also use our Donation Tool to raise money for your non-profit!

While you are welcome to fundraise in conjunction with the screening, Gathr can only be involved with the ticketing aspect of the film and will not take on any fundraising duties Once you have set up your screening and added a donate button to the event, contact Gathr directly and they will help set up language about your organization to help raise awareness.

What can I do to make my screening happen?

Start with your friends and family, and anyone you think would be interested in seeing the film. Share across Facebook and Twitter to get the word out to anyone you know. Be creative - the more ways you spread the word about your movie event, the more likely it will happen!

What are the responsibilities of a Movie Captain?

As a Captain, we're counting on you to tell your community about the scheduled screening and direct them to your screening page to reserve tickets. Remember: a screening can only happen if enough tickets are reserved in advance, so we need you to help spread the word about why your requested film should be screened in your city!

I signed what?

Once you’ve signed up contact James at and he will add you to a Movie Captain’s Group on Facebook and share our toolkit and marketing assets with you.

How much revenue would a Movie Captain make from a screening?

Movie Captains can set their own ticket price, we suggest at least $12, and earn profits once the film has confirmed $800 of ticket reservations. Once the event tips $800, $200 of that goes to the Movie Captain, then any of the remaining reservations the Movie Captain will earn 1/3 of the profits at the end of the event from the remaining revenue.

Example: $12 x 100 tickets sold = $1200. After first $800 (theatre expenses), MC receives $200 plus remaining 1/3 of the profits, which would be $130 in this model.

Will the director attend and do a Q&A after the screening?

Yes, if their schedules permit and their travel costs are covered.

What if the local press wants to do a story, who should they contact?

For help setting up or for questions about your screening, contact Gathr directly:
Hours: 8AM-7PM PST
LIVE CHAT with us directly from the Map view
If you are interested in coordinating an in-person screening in venue of your choice, please view these options.