Impetus For Film


I am a successful entrepreneur, husband, father, and man on a mission. But now, I am focused on something entirely different. In April 2018, my son Ryan died by suicide. It was a week after his 14th birthday. This changed my life forever. As a husband and father, I was hit with a devastating blow of grief, loss, and despair. The truth was almost too painful to comprehend: my son had struggled with depression and silence in secret. And suddenly, he was gone.

Over the next year, as I had time to grieve and begin to pick the pieces back up in my personal life, there was a question looming: how was this possible? And further: how had I missed it? As someone deeply involved and connected with my kids, how had I not seen the signs that Ryan was struggling? There were no clear answers. But as a man who has built my entire life on the principles of taking ownership for everything that happens to me, there was no way I was willing to remain idle. Instead of pulling away from the pain, I decided to push towards it.

After spending the last 2 1/2 years in this space and the last year and a bit on this film, I have come to realize that the biggest impact on teen suicide is really us as parents.

It is up to us to own the mental health of our kids. We need to look for the signs and have the conversations that I did not have with Ryan.

I am determined to reach every parent and every family about the conversation they need to have with their kids. To reach parents across America and to ignite a movement, I teamed up with Philippe Diaz, Founder and CEO of Cinema Libre Studio, to make “Tell My Story,” a feature length documentary that will radically shift the conversation in our culture about youth mental health and suicide prevention.

Philippe Diaz, named as one of ten “Moviemakers Making a Difference” by MovieMaker magazine, was determined to create with me an impactful film that would not only touch many lives but change many lives.

The title of the film was taken from a post-it note left behind by Ryan.

I believe it was Ryan’s way of letting the world know that they need to have the conversations with their own kids. There are way too many kids like Ryan out there that need to be heard.

I sincerely hope this film helps initiate those conversations.

Jason Reid started a non-profit, with the mandate to end teen suicide by 2030. With this film, he hopes to reach parents to tell them that they must own the mental wellbeing of their kids.

His TedTalks and Goal Cast videos on the subject—meant to reach parents and warn about the possibility of depression in their kids-- have been viewed by over 2.5 million people.

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The Reid family story and Jason’s goals to reach parents and urge them to have the difficult conversation with their children is shared on this webpage on GoalCast.