Director and Cinematographer: David Freid
David Freid is a 2019 Emmy nominated documentary filmmaker and journalist who has contributed to National Geographic, NBC, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, and VICE. He directed and produced short films--Guns Found Here, High Chaparral and Ferryman at the Wall- selected at festivals around the world including SXSW, Palm Springs, DOC NYC, Tribeca and Cannes.

Producer: Philippe Diaz
Philippe Diaz is the founder, CEO, and President of Cinema Libre Studio. He was selected as one of ten ‘Moviemakers Making a Difference’ by MovieMaker magazine. A native of France, he produced the award-winning films: “Havre,” “Rue Du Depart,” “Mauvais Sang,” “Pierre Et Djemila,” “The Bengali Night” and “The Man Inside.” He was awarded the Louis Delluc award in 1986 for “Mauvais Sang and has been nominated for 3 Cesars.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1991, he has continued to produce films with budgets ranging from $200,000 and $15 million under his production shingle. In 2003, he created Cinema Libre Studio with a consortium of partners to provide an alternative structure for intelligent, independent films to get developed, financed, produced, and distributed.

Producer: Beth Portello
Beth Portello is the co-founder of Cinema Libre Studio. She is currently the CFO and VP of marketing and publicity. She has overseen marketing and business development shepherding over 200 social issue films into the marketplace since 2003. Notably, she has produced “The End of Poverty?”, which has been viewed by half a million people on YouTube, and “Now & Later.” Portello has been involved in distributing over 150 social issue films in the last ten years including Robert Greenwald’s Uncovered: The War on Iraq and OutFoxed, Josh Tickell’s Sundance Award-Winning, Fuel and Oliver Stone’s South of the Border.

Executive Producer: Jason Reid
Jason Reid, the father featured in “Tell My Story,” is a partner at CEO International, where he coaches CEOs on how to be successful. He co-founded National Services Group, which employs 2500 people across three brands nationwide. He is a leader, entrepreneur, and family man. Following the suicide of his 14-year-old son in 2019, Jason started the foundation The goal is to end teen suicide by 2030. Jason speaks to audiences around the country about his own experience and how parents can converse with their children about mental health.

Editor: Tom Von Doom
The head of post-production at Cinema Libre Studio, Tom Von Doom loves movies and music. In high school, he ran the projector at an art house cinema. He spent hours in the dark watching and re-watching classic and foreign films like "Aguirre, Wrath of God" by Werner Herzog. He never imagined he would later work with Werner on "My Best Fiend" and "Invincible." As a musician, he has recorded for major labels Atlantic, Epic/Sony and Roadrunner. His work appears in feature films and TV shows including "The Ghost Whisperer." He performed at the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Ball. Early in his career, he tuned guitars for David Bowie and got coffee for David Lynch and Martin Scorsese.

Cameraman/Sound: Andrew Pfeifer
Andrew Pfeifer has helped shoot and edit Emmy Nominated films featured on National Geographic, MSNBC's Meet the Press, The Atlantic (x22), VICE, Slate, Washington Post, SXSW, Cannes Film Festival and many more. Their films have won awards including the IDA Doc Awards for Best Short Form Series, two Webby Honorees, and an Edward R. Murrow Award for Journalism.

Composer: Reid Willis
Reid Willis has built his reputation on his unique combination of experimental sounds with classical compositions. In addition to his six albums, Willis has worked on musical projects for clients such as Microsoft, Mazda, LensCrafters, Special Olympics and more. He recently lent his talents to several episodes of “The Traveler,” produced by Al Jazeera media company. Reid attended Louisiana State University, earning a Bachelor and master’s degrees in composition before graduating to the SAE Institute in Atlanta to study sound engineering and music production. Willis currently lives in the New Orleans area, where he is at work on his eighth full-length album.

Production Companies

Cinema Libre Studio is a full-service mini-studio known for producing and distributing high-quality feature films and social impact documentaries. Headquartered in the Los Angeles area, the team has released over 200 films many in the social impact space.

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