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Jason Reid’s project to end teen suicide by 2030 stems from the loss of his 14-year-old son, Ryan. Jason is on a mission to educate families nationwide and help young people heal. Chooselife’s first project is a film called “Tell My Story,” to ensure every parent in the US knows how to talk to their kid about depression and suicide.

Ashlyn Reid, Jason’s daughter, sister to Ryan.

Mariangela Abeo, Creator, Faces of Fortitude wanted to show people what eleven years of grief looked like after losing her brother to suicide. The photography project lays a foundation of healing through captured portraits of those personally affected by attempted or completed suicide, and provide a safe, stigma-free space for mental health to be discussed, and stories of loss and survival to be shared.
Faces of Fortitude Portraits

Ed and Bobbi Villareal are the parents of Diego, who at 16-years-old committed suicide. Ed is the co-founder of Project 99.

Collin Kartchner is the founder of #SavetheKids. He is campaigning to help people of all ages overcome the negative effects of screen addiction and social media, which include destruction to self-esteem and mental health. He is also working to show the world how to use social media for good.

Peter Mayfield is the Executive Director of the Gateway Mountain Center. He also launched CityRock and Yosemite Guides. These organizations have created outdoor educational programs and opportunities for thousands of California youth.

Lyn Morris, LMFT is the Chief Operating Officer at Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services. She oversees operational, clinical and administrative functions of the agency.

Dr. Mark Goulston is a psychiatrist and author. He was a UCLA professor of psychiatry for over 25 years. His books include Just Listen, Real Influence, Talking to ‘Crazy,’ and Get Out of Your Own Way.
Mark Goulston
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Monique Hebert is a writer who is originally from Ohio but currently resides in Washington. She graduated from Cleveland State University in 2014, and is currently studying Film & Media Studies at Arizona State University. She published a book about living with an anxiety disorder in 2018 called Anxiety, Anxiety Why Do You Have a Hold On Me. She has written for The Mighty, Living Lutheran. Broadway World, and Introvert Dear. Her plays have had staged readings at the Seattle Playwrights Salon, Left Coast Theatre Company, The Pocket Theatre, and 18th & Union in Seattle. Her latest children’s book Mom and the Mythical Creatures was released in March 2021. She is passionate about writing about marginalized groups and bringing awareness to mental health through her work. A person of faith, Monique shares her experience with a suicide attempt while at college in the documentary, TELL MY STORY.

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Mariangela Abeo (they/them) is a Mental Health Advocate, Speaker, Podcast host, Producer and Photographer + Creator of the Faces of Fortitude movement. The movement began as a project consisting of a series of portraits documenting the healing of those affected by suicide. In just 3 years it has grown into a movement that consists of TEDx and other public speaking events, traveling gallery exhibits, the Face to Faces Podcast, portrait sessions and two upcoming books. The inspiration began after Mariangela lost their brother over a decade ago to suicide, as well as survived their own severe attempt as a teen, Mariangela started this movement initially for their own healing. The portraits caught fire online and they quickly saw a need for others to have a safe space to share their stories. In September 2019 Mariangela delivered an emotional and poignant TEDx speech entitled Celebrate the Survivor: Creating a Safe Space around Suicide in Ohio and a second TEDx has been confirmed for April 2021. M lives in the heart of the city in Seattle, Washington and is working on a first edition fine art book with poetry about depression and photographer’s notes as well as a memoir entitled The House of M.

M and their photography work is featured in TELL MY STORY, and they are a family member of Jackson G. (also featured) as well as an Associate Producer of the film.

Links to Mariangela’s projects, here.

Project 99 is a nonprofit organization created to raise awareness and prevent suicide across the United States. Project 99 is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness to and preventing suicide across the nation. Founded after the suicide death of Diego Villarreal, a 16 year old student athlete at Murrieta Valley High School who passed away in August of 2015 as a result of suicide, Project 99 provides students at local high schools and middle schools with informational suicide awareness talks and prevention campaigns.

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Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services has provided free mental health, substance use disorder and suicide prevention services since 1942. Dedicated to serving communities where stigma or poverty limits access, Didi Hirsch helps more than 150,000 children and adults from 10 locations and 100 schools throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties each year.

Our Suicide Prevention Center is the nation’s first and an international leader in training, research and crisis services.

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The Gateway Mountain Center is where lives of youths from all backgrounds are transformed through nature based learning and wellness adventures. Whole Hearts Minds & Bodies is their nature based therapeutic mentoring program for youth in treatment for behavioral health, substance use, or mental health issues.

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#SavetheKids is a nationwide movement which fights social media’s influence on teen mental health and empowers parents to start conversations with their kids. It also demonstrates how social media can be used for good. Founder, Collin Kartchner, has raised $100k’s for hurricane victims, kids fighting cancer, and orphans in South America. In 9 minutes he raised enough money to put up “You Are Beautiful” and “You Are Loved” billboards seen over 1.2M times.

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