NARRATED BY– Catherine Keener
Catherine Keener is an Oscar nominated actress for her roles in the independent films Being John Malkovich (1999) and Capote (2005). Acclaimed in her community for her quirky roles in independent film and mainstream such as The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005), Keener got her start as a casting director in New York City.

Originating from Hialeah, Florida, Keener attended Wheaton College in New Hampshire. She began taking acting classes when she was unable to sign up for a photography class. After graduating, Keener managed a McDonalds in New York City before becoming an assistant casting director and soon relocating to Los Angeles.

Not long after, Keener told her superior of her aspirations for acting and she landed a one-worded role as a waitress in About Last Night... (1986). Two years later, she landed a role in a film called Survival Quest (1988), where she met her future husband, Dermot Mulroney. After struggling for years in the industry, Keener landed a role in an independent film, opposite the unknown Brad Pitt, in Johnny Suede (1991). Her ascent in independent film began as she starred in Living in Oblivion (1995) and Walking and Talking (1996) before her mainstream break with Being John Malkovich (1999) in 1999, which earned Keener her first Oscar nomination. Since then, Catherine Keener has starred in several critically acclaimed films. (From IMDB)

Born in Budapest, Orsi developed a lifelong curiosity about language and culture. After graduating from the Paris’ Sorbonne University with a Master’s Degree in French literature, she founded AOP Productions.

Fluent in French and Hungarian, early clients included the French Center for National Cinema, the Hungarian Film Studios, and working as the liaison for U.S./Hungarian productions and various production roles on European shoots for CBS, NBC, HBO and Warner Brothers.

Earlier productions include BASHKAUS: HARD LABOR IN SIBERIA Discovery Channel, chronicling the first joint US-Soviet river expedition in Russia’s Altai Mountains won the Grand Prize at the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival, CURTAIN ICE for the Discovery on the first on water crossing of the Bering Strait, reuniting Eskimo relatives separated by 40 years of the cold war.

Since then, Orsi has developed a strong reputation as a producer of award-winning feature documentaries with theatrical release. She teamed up with director Stacy Peralta on DOGTOWN AND Z-BOYS, which won both the Audience and best Director Award at Sundance Film Festival, followed by RIDING GIANTS, the first documentary ever to open the Sundance Film Festival. Both films were released by Sony Classics. This was followed by PIPELINE MASTERS, about the famous big wave competition on the North Shore of Oahu. ONCE IN A LIFETIME the feature documentary on the rise and fall of the N.Y. Cosmos, the soccer team that brought Pele to America, directed by Paul Crowder, followed and was released by Miramax/Pathe. AMAZING JOURNEY: THE STORY OF THE WHO, another Crowder film, was produced by Spitfire Pictures, and released by VH1 and Universal. Then NO ROOM FOR ROCKSTARS, The Vans Warp Tour 2012 release by Shout Factory, iTunes and Cinedgim Digital Theatrical was met with great success.

Among some of her development projects Orsi will produce the fiction feature, IN SEARCH OF CAPTAIN ZERO which she set-up at Ted Fields’ Radar Pictures. Presently Orsi is working on the upcoming Dave Grohl directed SOUND CITY about the legendary recording studio in Los Angeles.

In addition to LOST ANGELS, Orsi is looking forward to the upcoming ESPN release of her HAWAIIAN: THE LEGEND OF EDDIE AIKAU.

A 1983 graduate of the University of Southern California, Gary Foster began his career as a producer in the mid 1980s. At the age of 25, he produced his first film, SHORT CIRCUIT and the success of the film put the young producer’s career in full swing. In 1993, Foster produced the Oscar® and Golden Globe-nominated hit SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, which grossed more than $300 million worldwide.

Foster served as president of Lee Rich Productions from 1993-1995 and produced JUST CAUSE, AMAZING PANDA ADVENTURE, and BIG BULLY. In 1996, he made Tin Cup with Ron Shelton and John Norville.

In 2001, Foster produced THE SCORE, which brought together the talents of Robert De Niro, Edward Norton and Marlon Brando. Frank Oz directed the crime thriller, which was the last film of Brando’s legendary career.

In 2003, Foster produced DAREDEVIL, which was followed in 2005 by ELEKTRA starring Jennifer Garner, and most recently, GHOST RIDER starring Nicolas Cage.

Foster’s feature credits also include: GLORIA, DESPERATE MEASURES, LOVERBOY and SIDE OUT.
In 2009, he produced THE SOLOIST starring Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey, Jr. and directed by Joe Wright. Based on the true story of Steve Lopez and Nathaniel Ayers, the film shows a unique look into the unlikely friendship between a LA Times journalist and schizophrenic musician who resides on Skid Row in Los Angeles.
WHEN IN ROME, a comedy with romance starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel, was released January 2010.
This year, Foster Executive Produced GHOST RIDER: THE SPIRIT OF VENGANCE for Sony.

Foster is an Executive Producer of the NBC/Sony Pictures Television comedy series ‘COMMUNITY’ starring Joel McHale and Chevy Chase.

Foster is currently in production on EMPEROR starring Matthew Fox and Tommy Lee Jones. Peter Webber direct this story set amidst the tensions and uncertainties of the days immediately following the Japanese surrender at the end of World War II. Fox is portraying Gen. Bonner Fellers, charged with reaching a decision on whether Emperor Hirohito be tried and hanged as a war criminal. Tommy Lee Jones is General Douglas MacArthur.

Currently, Foster is partnered with former head of Sony Television Russ Krasnoff. Working in both the feature film and television worlds, Krasnoff/Foster Entertainment develops material for both the big and small screens.

Susan Klos came from New York in 1975 to attend the American Film Institute as a fellow in cinematography, but put her budding career behind the camera on hold when she started a family. In 1978, she formed Big Time Picture Company, Inc., her post production business which grew into Los Angeles Westside’s first independent post production facility including editing suites, a 35mm and digital screening room, Avid and Final Cut digital equipment rentals, Apple computer sales and digital post production technical support and consulting.

Several hundred films have posted at Big Time over the years including Oliver Stone’s Academy Award winning “Born on the Fourth of July,” John Frankenheimer’s “Ronin,” Sam Raimi’s “A Simple Plan,” the Farrelly Brothers “There’s Something About Mary,” Nancy Meyers’ “What Women Want,” and the documentary classics, “Dogtown” and “Riding Giants.”

Susan has written the dramatic feature screenplay “Voices” to help her come to terms with her daughter’s diagnosis of schizophrenia. It has won many screenwriting competitions including first place in the New Hampshire Film Festival and Chicago ScriptWorks. She is working to package “Voices” as an independent film. Susan also recently completed the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting creating two new comedy screenplays, “Cesar and Max Hit the Road” and “I Hate You...A Love Story.”

Susan is an associate member of the American Cinema Editors, member of the AFI Alumni Association, Film Independent, Women In Film, the Alliance of Women Directors. She is also a graduate of the UCLA Anderson School Management Development for Entrepreneurs Program.

Susan often volunteers in Punta Gorda, Belize helping local Mayan people develop business and marketing skills to bring ecotourism to the region.

Joe Wright is an English film director best known for PRIDE & PREJUDICE, ATONEMENT and HANNA. His current film, ANNA KARENINA, with Keira Knightly Jude Law, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson will soon be released.

CO-PRODUCER/WRITER - Christine Triano
Christine Triano is passionate about using stories to make better sense of our world. Beyond documentaries, she has worked as a writer, editor, TV producer, media consultant, and, currently, as a clinical social worker. Christine was associate producer on DOGTOWN AND Z-BOYS (2001), winner of the Sundance Film Festival Audience Award for Best Documentary. She has numerous television credits for both network and cable productions, and from 2004-2010, had the honor of being the scriptwriter for The Women’s Conference, an annual gathering of the most influential and inspiring women in the world hosted by former California First Lady Maria Shriver.

The former editor of, an award-winning online news magazine, she is also a longtime member of the Board of Directors of the Independent Media Institute. Christine graduated with honors with a B.A. in Political Science from Tufts University, and in 2009 earned a Masters in Social Work from Cal State, LA. In a career shift inspired in large part by her work on LOST ANGELS, Christine currently works with adolescents at an inpatient psychiatric hospital in Los Angeles.

CO-PRODUCER – Cecy Rengel
A native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Cecy Rangel came to the United States to pursue a career in filmmaking and has since found a home in independent documentary.

Her effervescent and driven personality has led her to enjoy success on a string of prestigious feature documentaries, which she co-produced with Agi Orsi, such as: RIDING GIANTS, Official Selection, Audience Award winner and festival opener of the 2004 Sundance Film Festival; ONCE IN A LIFTEIME- THE EXTRAORDINARY STORY OF THE N.Y. COSMOS, PIPELINE MASTERS, and AMAZING JOURNEY: THE STORY OF THE WHO. As a solo producer, Cecy made her debut with the film THE ACHEIVERS: THE STORY OF THE LEBOWSKI FANS, and most recently, NO ROOM FOR ROCKSTARS on the Vans Warped Tour.

MUSIC COMPOSER - Walter Werzowa
For nearly 15 years, Austrian born Walter Werzowa has been expanding upon a vision of creating music that is all at once unique, dynamic and memorable. Drawing upon a liberal arts education that includes architecture and music, he has built a vast array of compositions for film and television, as well as becoming a maverick in the new frontier of Audio Branding. Since beginning his career, Werzowa has worked with Fortune 500 companies, Top Hollywood Film Studios & Producers and International Conglomerates.

After completing USC’s post-graduate program for Film and Television Scoring, Werzowa worked on trailers for the Walt Disney Company. In order to better develop his own audio aesthetic, Werzowa built a studio in his garage, investing in the most advanced audio equipment available. During that time companies such as Lifetime Television, Chevron and most notably, Intel, approached him to create a 3-note mnemonic for their respective brands. The intent: Strengthen the impression of their already established graphic logos.

Since then, the development of mnemonics has become one of Werzowa’s strongest fortes. Working directly with each client, Werzowa focuses on their individual goals and customizes his persona approach of scientific research and creative interpretation to pinpoint sounds that will best define the brand within this incredibly short duration of time. Never afraid of the unconventional, Werzowa believes in offering his clients compositions that communicate the distinct personality of their companies, while achieving targeted success and recognition on both the conscious and sub conscious levels. It is not surprising that his resume of mnemonics showcases a diverse clientele, including: Samsung, LG, Red Bull, Delta Airlines, Comedy Central, Toyota, Sanyo, Electronic Arts, CNN / HLN and GM – with several exciting projects currently in production.

Werzowa has also expanded his expertise to include environmental applications, ringtones, UI sounds, and testing methodologies. He has worked with Intel, LG Electronics, Samsung, Red Bull, Delta, Sprint / Nextel, CBS Pictures, Apple, Comedy Central, TBS, TNT, Facebook, Scripps Network, among many others.

Werzowa has grown his operation from a one-man shop into a state-of-the-art boutique sound house located in the heart of Hollywood, CA, named Musikvergnuegen (“enjoyment of music”), which in German, reflects the pleasure always embodied in the company’s process and product. With the additional assistance of an in-house team of composers, sound designers, as well as a network of freelance associates, Musikvergnuegen has been providing original music and sound design for film, television, and commercials for nearly 10 years.

Film credits include: Main Title for the feature film Taking Lives. Scores and Trailers have been composed for clients, such as: Disney (High School Musical 3, Race to Witch Mountain, National Treasure 2), Warner Brothers (Batman Begins, The Polar Express, Troy, The Last Samurai, The Chronicles of Riddick, AI, Poseidon and Eraser), MGM (Cabin In The Woods), DreamWorks (Memoirs of a Geisha, Minority Report), Paramount Pictures (The Core), and 20th Century Fox (Kingdom of Heaven, Alien Vs. Predator) New Line / Fine Line Cinema (The Cell, Mortal Kombat and Wag the Dog) and Dimension Films (Hellraiser: Inferno and Mimic II). Additionally, he has collaborated with Director / Writers such as Wim Winders (8: Person to Person) and Sam Mendes (The Jarhead Diaries).

Television credits include: Network Promo and ID packages for clients: CNN / HLN, TBS, Fox, Showtime, Lifetime, Versus, MTV and Scripps Company of Network Affiliates. Promos have been done for ABC (Dancing With the Stars), Discovery Channel (Frozen Planet, Science Channel, Life, Deadliest Catch, Storm Chasers, Hunting: The Lost Symbol), TLC (Hook, Line & Sisters, Four Weddings), FX Network (Rescue Me, The Shield) and PBS (Ken Burns: American Stories, Independent Lens, Super Why,Hooper). (

EDITOR - Tyler Hubby
Tyler Hubby has edited over 30 documentaries. Most notable among them are the Sundance award-winning The Devil and Daniel Johnston, Double Take by Belgian filmmaker Johan Grimonprez, the HBO documentary A Small Act and Bad Brains: A Band in D.C. which he also Co-Produced.

He also edited the gothic horror short Usher, by cult director Curtis Harrington about whom he also co-directed a short documentary.

He is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute where he studied with George Kuchar and Ernie Gehr. His subversive and irreverent short films, featured in the book Cinema Contra Cinema by British author Jack Sargeant, have screened internationally.

The People

...puts a human face on these so readily dismissed individuals that inhabit the Skid Row area...

The Film

Although its stated purpose is to reduce crime in the area, for many the program is nothing more than officially sanctioned class warfare.

The Filmmakers

Sometimes you just know when something's not right. You see it, or hear it, and you know instinctively there's something missing.


LOST ANGELS - skid row is my home


"Humanistic portrait of Los Angeles' Skid Row"

Narrated by Catherine Keener, LOST ANGELS: SKID ROW IS MY HOME takes an uncompromising yet life-affirming look at the lives of eight remarkable individuals--people who have found a way to make a life for themselves within the community of homelessness. The film shows how their descent into society’s basement has been exacerbated by the forces of gentrification and the increasing criminalization of homeless people, while exposing the draconian changes to the mental health care system that have brought us here.

With the support of a vast array of advocates, especially the services of Lamp Community, the mission featured in the Jamie Foxx/ Robert Downey Jr. film, THE SOLOIST, many residents of Skid Row have found a way to stick together and fight back.

Directed by Thomas Napper, LOST ANGELS demonstrates how proactive approaches to homelessness–most specifically that of providing housing–are helping many to recover from mental illness and substance abuse and to find stability. For many, Skid Row is, perhaps improbably, the last place to find refuge and build a life of meaning…proving that sometimes home is where the help is.

Coming soon to select theaters.



"Thomas Napper fills every frame with the realities of Skid Row. His lens shines...
"Lost Angels is a warm, "Humanistic portrait of Los Angeles' Skid Row", and much like...
“Compelling, inspiring true story about human strength of spirit.”
Interview with Director Thomas Napper in LA Weekly.