Mr. Bitchin


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Official Trailer

Williams on Williams – Robert Williams Mr. Bitchin – Clip 1

As acclaimed artist Robert Williams gets dressed for an event, he discusses how he feels his work does not allow him to be as pretentious or take himself as seriously as other renowned painters, such as Salvador Dali.

Debbie Harry's Fears – Robert Williams Mr. Bitchin – Clip 2

Debbie Harry, lead singer of rock group Blondie, recounts how an encounter with serial killer Ted Bundy inspired Robert Williams to paint "Debbie Harry's Fears" and how it led her to no longer have nightmares of her past.

California Dreamin– Robert Williams Mr. Bitchin – Clip 3

Underground painter Robert Williams explains that he moved out to California because the west coast is where Hollywood, pornography and many other progressive cultural and art movements spawned in America.

Appetite For Destruction – Robert Williams Mr. Bitchin – Clip 4

Despite warnings from Robert Williams, rock group Guns N Roses placed one of his controversial images, "Appetite for Destruction," on the cover of one of their most iconic albums and caused waves of controversy throughout America thanks to its graphic imagery.

Greg Escalante on Williams– Robert Williams Mr. Bitchin – Clip 5

Co-founder of Juxtapoz Magazine, Greg Escalante explains how his teenage daughter's discovery of The Beatles music led him to the emotional realization that Robert Williams work is as memorable and revolutionary as The Beatles’ musical legacy.