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About Cordula Kablitz-Post:

CORDULA KABLITZ-POST was born in Aachen and studied German and English Literature and Theater Arts in Munich and Berlin, with emphasis on film and television. She later received her Master’s degree at the University of Berlin. Kablitz-Post began her professional career as a production assistant on Uwe Schrader’s 1986 theatrical film SIERRA LEONE and as assistant director on Thomas Brasch’s theatrical film WELCOME TO GERMANY in 1987. Kablitz-Post wrote and directed numerous documentaries and artist’s portraits for the public broadcasters ARTE and ARD. In 1995 she founded her production company Avanti Media, which has since been awarded the Grimme Prize several times for the ARTE-documentary series INTO THE NIGHT WITH... . In 2001, Kablitz-Post founded Avanti Media Fiction, through which she primarily produces feature films and high-quality television and theatrical documentaries. After a series of award winning short films including HIGH MAINTENANCE in 2006, Kablitz-Post ventured into full length feature films. LOU ANDREAS-SALOMÉ, THE AUDACITY TO BE FREE is Kablitz-Post’s full-length feature film directorial debut.

PRODUCER: Gabriele Kranzelbinder

Gabriele Kranzelbinder studied law in Vienna, Paris and Rome. In 1994, she worked with the Organization of film, theatre and art projects and contributed to film productions in Austria and Italy as an Assistant Director and Producer, later taking over management of production. In 2001 she was one of the founders of the film production company Amour Fou, under which she produced feature and documentary films. In 2007, she founded KGP ‘Kranzelbinder Gabriele Production’ with a focus on international co-productions of European authored films. Kranzelbinder is a founding member of the Academy of the Austrian Film and Board member of the Association of Austrian Film Producers.

PRODUCER: Helge Sasse

Helge Sasse studied law and politics at the university in Munich, Geneva and Paris in 1975, and founded his own law office (later media law office Sasse & Partner) in 1992 where he worked as a Lawyer until 2006. Helge Sasse served as the Chief Executive Officer of Senator Entertainment AS from April 2006 – June 2014, served as its Chairman of the Executive Board, and worked as a freelance Producer on films including A MOST WANTED MAN (2014), and FOREVER AND A DAY (2015). Sasse has been the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and a Member of the Supervisory Board at IN-motion AG movie & TV productions since March 21, 2001.

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