Photo Gallery

Lou Andreas Salome In Nazi Germany, Lou's caretaker holds a paper letter and looks concerned
Lou Andreas Salome Teenage Lou sitting in church with family pew and looking towards the priest
Lou Andreas Salome Ernst sits with old Lou and recites his notes on her life story
Lou Andreas Salome Paul Ree sits in grass with Lou and other philosophers psychologists and authors
Lou Andreas Salome Jumping into lake clothed while Sigmund Freud and Paul Ree row a boat
Lou Andreas Salome Old Lou smiles at Ernst as she recites her stories with Freud, Rilke
Lou Andreas Salome Nietzsche and Lou sit at table covered in psychology books studying psychoanalysis
Lou Andreas Salome Friedrich Nietzsche wearing a black and white shirt stares at Lou in confusion
Lou Andreas Salome Lou and Nietzsche stand on a mountain peak and gaze over Germany wilderness
Lou Andreas Salome Philosopher Paul Ree sits in grass with Lou while she smokes a cigarette
Lou Andreas Salome Poet Rainer Rilke touches Lou's cheek while she weeps in an outdoor gazebo
Lou Andreas Salome Poet Rainer Rilke stands next to a column with a boquet of flowers
Lou Andreas Salome Poet Rainer Rilke attempts to Lou in the woods and she becomes annoyed
Lou Andreas Salome A young Lou smiles in the falling rain and looks up towards heaven

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