Lost Heritage


Lost Heritage

"The sole objective of cinema is to make people learn and understand the world around them in a better way." – Christian Lara, Filmmaker

When Pierre Mombin (Luc Saint-Eloy) travels to a remote African kingdom to claim an inheritance, he discovers, through the prophecy of the former king's preserved skull, that he is the last male descendant of the royal family. As he learns more about his lineage from the trickster witch doctor, it becomes clear there is a darker side to the prophecy that foretold his return. Meanwhile, in an attempt to secure peace between the northern and southern kingdoms, the northern king arranges a marriage between the princess and Mombin, but she has other plans. Will Mombin accept his heritage and the marriage proposal?

Directed by Christian Lara

Available on DVD and digital platforms on 9/27/11


Lost Heritage

Guadeloupian filmmaker Christian Lara, known as the "Father of West Indian Cinema", has directed twenty films and was awarded the Paul Robeson award from the Ouagadougou Pan African Film and Television Festival in 1998. His most recent feature film, LOST HERITAGE, continues the filmmaker's cinematic exploration of identity, culture and race.

Lara was born in Guadeloupe, an archipelago in the West Indies that is part of the Caribbean, which is a protectorate of France. He moved to France as young man and after working as a journalist, he made his first film there in 1978. That film, COCO LA FLEUR CANDIDAT, was the first film made in his island's native Creole language and it explored the country's political situation at the time through a tale about a political candidate. For Lara, probably the country's most prolific filmmaker, his filmography includes films shot around the world, which share his passion for understanding different cultures and addressing the African Diaspora.

As a youth, Lara spent five years in Africa (from ages 10 – 15) when his father, a Public Works administrator, was assigned to Cameroon, Togo and the Ivory Coast. LOST HERITAGE, filmed in Cameroon and Gabon, conveys the deep admiration and conflicted feelings Lara has for the continent: "I have very strong memories from the time: the colors, the sounds, the traditions, which are shown in LOST HERITAGE. This film is not only a study on old tribal customs which are still practiced, such as the preservation and worship of the last king's skull as shown in the film, but it is also about the Diaspora. Africa is all of our inheritance, and we must ensure that its culture is preserved as globalization works its homogenizing way deeper into the continent. This film, in a way, is about those who have left Africa but don't give back in some manner."

Lara's next project, INCREDIBLE LAXMI is set to being production in India next year. In a recent interview with Hindu.com Lara explains his vision for creating films that will appeal to an international audience: "Several languages will provide realism and get a greater efficiency. Now, the international audience is eager to hear and see the unknown. For example, when I created West Indian cinema, one of the factors for my success was introducing people to Creole language. Like in "Lost Heritage", the mixture of humor and fantasy is a must for success. The more serious the subject, the more you have to make the audience laugh."

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Lost Heritage

Lara has cast Luc Saint-Eloy, whom he has worked with previously in five other films, as the lead in LOST HERITAGE. "Luc is the greatest Guadeloupian actor and I'm always pleased to work with him", says Lara.

Luc Saint-Eloy - "Pierre Mombin"

Born in Djibouti, Luc Saint-Eloy spent his childhood in Guadeloupe. After studying at a seminary, Saint-Eloy moved to France in 1975. In 1981 he began a theatrical career after training as an actor at Studio Charpentier. Now aged 53, father of three children (a daughter of 30 years and two boys aged 9 years and 4 years), Luc Saint-Eloy is an accomplished artist.

Actor, writer, director, producer as well as the artistic director for both Théâtre de l'A.I.R (T.A.N) in France and Rooftop World Production, he is always true to his passion for theater and art in all forms.

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Lost Heritage

Production Credits:

With the support of: Ministry of Tourism – Cameroon
Written & Directed by: Christian LARA
Cinematography: Jean Yves BOURGEOIS
Sound Engineer: André Pierre BÉKALÉ
Editing: Catherine TROUILLET SHORR & Barthelemy ROLLAND
Music: Hélène BLAZY


LOST HERITAGE will be available on DVD and digital platforms in North America starting 10/11/11

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DVD EXTRAS: Introduction by Ayuko Babu, Director of the Pan African Film Festival and a featurette: The Films of Christian Lara

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Street Date: 9/27/11 | UPC: 881394112728
Catalog: CLS 1127 | Genre: Drama, African Cinema


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Lost Heritage

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