Omar Ould Hamaha
Al Quaida, Belmokhtar Group
Gao, Mali

Omar Ould Hamaha, known as ‘Red Beard’ had a bounty of $3 - $5 million by the U.S. State Department’s “Rewards for Justice” program after his involvement in several terrorist activities including the kidnapping of Canadian diplomat Robert Fowler. The JIHADISTS filmmakers captured detailed interviews with Hamaha before his death in 2014 by French air strikes.

Sanda Ould Bouamama
Leader Ansar Dine
Timbuktu, Mali

Sanda Ould Bouamama (Sidi Mohamed Ould Mohamed Ould Bouamama), was a leader and spokesperson for Ansar Dine, closely affiliated with al Qaeda. Ansar Dine claims responsibility for attacks on U.N. peacekeepers and the Malian army during their jihadi occupation of Mali. After being arrested and held in a secret location by Mauritanian authorities, Sanda Ould Bouamama was released in 2015, a decision heavily criticized by the international community.

Abou Mohamad Toure
Chief of Islamic Police 2012-14
Gao, Mal

Hamada As-Shinqiti
Head of MUJAO

Imam Daoud Cisse
Timbuktu, Mali
Islamic Judge

Abou Hamza Attounissi
Ansar Al Sharia & The Modern Salafist website
Sousse, Tunisia

Sheikh M. Salem
Al Majlissi
Nouakchott, Mauritania

Sheikh Hadrami Ould
Ahmen Tolba
Nouakchott, Mauritania

Sheikh Mahfoudh Ould Idoumou
Nouakchott, Mauritania

Imam Ahmed Ould Sidi Ahmed Zarrouk
Doctor of Islamic Theology
Nouakchott, Mauritania<

Youseff Mazzouz
Ansar Al Charia
Sousse, Tunisia