Today, about 1,000 people have contracted MMF (Macrophagic Myofasciitis). This uncommon name describes a very disabling illness that targets neurons and muscles. According to some scientific sources, several tens of thousands people could be victims of MMF in France and the western world. The main cause of this health scandal? Aluminum salts, used as components of vaccines. Beyond the words of the victims, this film draws a frame of the public health policies and their failure to respond to many warnings about aluminum since 40 years.

A multi voices story. A movie as close as possible to the women and men, characters of this unusual story. With no clinical cliches but nature to get oxygen. There are some movies that cannot be missed. Necessary movies that require a commitment. Tough movies that still make us dream and want to live differently. Showing the faces, providing voices to the victims, the scientists, the doctors, the historians, the journalists who take care of us all. This is an ethical, political and citizen-engaged film.

- Marie-Ange Poyet

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