Says by Brian Malone, Emmy winning director of PATRIOCRACY and CELEBRITY TRIALS IN THE MEDIA, DRIVEN: FROM WHEELCHAIR TO RACE CAR takes a look at a family whose life was shattered in one tragic moment as they push to give Mike Bauer's life a new purpose.

Falci Adaptive Motorsports is one of the world's premiere organizations dedicated to putting wheelchair-bound race enthusiasts back into a racing experience. Working with both paraplegic and quadriplegic race car drivers, Falci Adaptive Motorsports is setting new records on the track bringing innovative adaptive racing technology together with the very human side of racing.

Through its partnerships with racing fabricators and high technology companies like Arrow Electronics and Ball Aerospace, Falci Adaptive Motorsports inspired and promoted the build of two groundbreaking Corvettes for exhibitions and demonstrations: a quadriplegic-adapted-Corvette and a paraplegic-adapted- Corvette.

The ultimate mission of Falci Adaptive Motorsports is to add "motorsports” to the ever-growing list of athletic and recreational pursuits enjoyed by those with spinal injuries while advancing the development of adaptive technologies ("enabling” the disabled),using our race cars as developmental platforms.

Falci Adaptive Motorsports partners with Craig Hospital, Arrow Electronics, Ball Aerospace, and Schmidt-Peterson Motorsports to maximize the impact of bringing mobility to paraplegic and quadriplegic individuals. Combining emerging technologies similar to those in the S.A.M.(Quad-Vette ) project, automatic driving cars, Google glass, and advanced simulator technologies, Falci Adaptive Motorsports continues to set new horizons in mobilizing an entire population of wheelchair-bound people.

This is the car that started it all for Falci Motor Sports. This 2001 Corvette C5 Stingray is the result of Dr. Falci's idea that he could put a paralyzed race car driver behind the wheel of a race car. Inspired by one of Falci's patients, former race car driver Mike Bauer, the Para-Vette was rebuilt from the frame up with a paraplegic driver in mind. With the fabrication and design team of RaceKraft and Design, the C5 was equipped with hand controls for acceleration, an infrared shifter, and a hand brake.

The Para-Vette is an ideal vehicle for exhibitions, which means it's fitted for giving rides around the track to paraplegic and quadriplegic individuals.

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