By Shelby Cook

Thanksgiving is a time we spend in the home. Either huddled in the kitchen basting the turkey, in the dining room setting out the “special occasion” dishes or in the living room watching football. However, it wouldn’t be your Thanksgiving without your uncle throwing a drumstick at the television or the awkward political debate that your grandfather always manages to bring up. Even though Obama’s immigration policies had absolutely nothing to do with your little cousin’s dance recital.

Every family has their own traditions, but not every family is traditional. This Thanksgiving season Cinema Libre wants to celebrate the nontraditional family with the following titles: The Little Bedroom, As High As the Sky, and Kid’s Rights.

THE LITTLE BEDROOM, the critically acclaimed film centers around Edmund, who is placed in a care facility against his wishes and develops an unlikely relationship with his nurse Rose. While Edmund faces the loss of his autonomy, Rose is still reeling from the death of her unborn child. Together they help each other move on from past wounds, creating a new family from ones that were lost.

The Little Bedroom is available for download to own exclusively on Vimeo starting today. It will come to DVD from Cinema Libre Studio on December 9th.

AS HIGH AS THE SKY is about Margaret, recently abandoned by her fiance and struggling with OCD whose older sister Josephine and her 10-year-old niece Hannah show up on her doorstep unannounced. The film is about reconciliation, and understanding that it’s never too late to reconnect with your family.

As High As the Sky Official Trailer

Thanksgiving brings families together, forcing us to have hard conversations we otherwise would have avoided. Enjoy this clip from As High As the Sky, when Margaret and Josephine learn to forgive each other. The movie is available on DVD and Hulu, through the film’s website.

KID’S RIGHTS, a documentary about the often grueling process of adoption, shows how bureaucracy, paperwork and outdated regulations makes what should be a wonderful experience nearly impossible.

With Thanksgiving days away, Christmas is fast approaching. Want to get in the Christmas spirit before the avalanche of gift-wrapping, long mall lines and office parties hit? Check out “Becoming Santa” which discusses the history of Santa Claus and the origins of the modern-day Christmas.

BECOMING SANTA follows Jack Sanderson during the Christmas season right after his father’s death. Rather than avoid Christmas altogether, Sanderson decides immerse himself entirely into the holiday where he actually becomes a professional Santa.

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