For Immediate Release: FRENCH AFFAIRS

Secrets. Sex. Psychotherapy.

French Romantic Drama Coming to DVD December 16th, 2014

Followed by On Demand in January 2015

LOS ANGELES, CA (November 7, 2014) FRENCH AFFAIRS is an independent feature film from French character actor Pierre-Loup Rajot, which explores the complexities of French fidelity and commitment. Following a six-year run on the hit procedural show R.I.S. Police Scientifique, Rajot gathered a group of his acting peers to fill out the cast in this exploration of adultery based on the premise of a therapist who enters an affair with her patient’s husband. FRENCH AFFAIRS will be released by Cinema Libre Studio on DVD in North America starting December 16, 2014 followed by On Demand platforms in 2015.

The French dramedy follows Astrid (Marie Caldera), a therapist, and her relationship with a reformed prostitute, Céline (Céline Rajot), who is now a travel agent. When Céline insists that Astrid break protocol and also begin treating her husband, Astrid finds herself caught in a passionate affair with the charming Olivier (Eric Bonicatto). Astrid’s teenage son, David (Yoann Denaive), catches wind of the affair and ends up on Céline’s doorstep, hoping she will help him run away from his mother, setting up a quartet waltzing on eggshells as they attempt to make sense of their messy lives.

“With ‘FRENCH AFFAIRS’, my co-writer and I wanted to see how far a woman can go when she wants to please everyone. We set out to write comedy that mocks a bit of everyone, including our own gender.” says Rajot. Stealing the spotlight in this satirical rollercoaster is Céline Rajot, whose comfort in her own skin and relaxed take on sexuality challenges the otherwise progressively European characters.

The illusion of love and romance is thoroughly challenged as all four characters struggle to please one another, yet wondering what it will take to make themselves happy. FRENCH AFFAIRS provides a fresh, thoroughly French perspective on monogamy, family and responsibility while getting under its audience’s skin, making you realize you’ll never look at “self-realization” the same way again.


When Astrid, a professional therapist who is struggling to find meaningful friendships, starts having an affair with her patient Céline’s husband, it puts a strain on an already difficult relationship with her son, David. Meanwhile, Céline, a retired prostitute content with living a domesticated life, befriends David when he tries run away from home by booking a flight through her travel agency. However, when David discloses the affair to Céline, she must decide how to deal with the betrayal and lies.


TECHNICAL DETAILS: USA | Drama, Comedy | Unrated | 87 minutes | Directed by Pierre-Loup Rajot

DVD DETAILS: CLS 1200| 881394120020| DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Trailer, Interactive Menus | SRP: $ 19.95

French w/English Subtitles

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