With Launch of DVD on June 22nd, the FUEL team of Energy Experts

Began a National Dialogue on Solutions for the DeepWater Oil Spill

Events to Span from Los Angeles to New Orleans and Canada


LOS ANGELES, CA (June 23, 2010) –   To coincide with the two month anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion that triggered the worst environmental disaster in American history and the June 22nd DVD release of the Sundance Award winning documentary, FUEL, New Orleans native, filmmaker and alternative fuels activist, Josh Tickell has kicked off a week long campaign.  In the course of the next several days, multiple events will engage politicians, scientists, oil spill experts and activists such as Peter Fonda, Amy Smart and singer/songwriter Jason Mraz to elevate awareness and outline solutions to the oil spill.

Tickell grew up near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in an area known as ‘cancer alley’ for having the highest cancer incidence in the United States due to the byproduct of the oil processing industry.  FUEL is the only film that investigates the influence that the oil industry has had on the region which provides the historical and political context for the current disaster. The film also tells of an oil spill in the region following Hurricane Katrina that was grossly underreported and has proven to be prescient: it features an animation of the Horizon Deepwater Oil Rig that collapsed as well as a former Chevron/Texaco oil executive detailing the hazards of deep water drilling in the Gulf.

Tickell, producer Rebecca Harrell Tickell and a team of established environmentalists will be organizing a series of high-profile events that span from Los Angeles to Canada with the focus on New Orleans:

Tuesday, June  22nd (in Los Angeles):

  • Press conference at Los Angeles City Hall yesterday with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to discuss his 30/10 transportation initiative and to declare “Get LA Off Oil Day” while showcasing the City’s alternative fuel vehicles. A Green Car Rally followed.
  • The FUEL bus, a mobile museum of alternative fuel that runs on bio-diesel, departed Los Angeles for New Orleans yesterday and is filled with young activists.
  • FUEL became available on DVD nationwide loaded with special features such as How To Make Fuel for Under $1.50 per gallon.

Saturday, June 26th (in Los Angeles):

  • Pacifica radio’s KPFK will screen FUEL with a discussion to follow with “The Green Cowboy,” S. David Freeman, energy guru with KPFK’s ‘Free Forum’ host Terrence McNally at the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro, CA. (Starts at 7:30pm, $15 at door, details here.)

Monday, June 28th (in New Orleans):

  • Fonda, Smart and Mraz will join Tickell and spill clean up experts such as Dr. Randall von Wedel, developer of the Cytosol bioremediation process and others for a tour of the spill area organized by the Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) with participation of leaders from local organizations such as the Riverkeepers, Sierra Club and Global Green.

Monday, June 28th (in New Orleans) Continued:

  • FUEL to screen for the first time in New Orleans followed by a community conversation on solutions to the oil spill at the Theatres at Canal Place (333 Canal, New Orleans, LA  70130, RSVP required at  Hosted by Peter Fonda, the film starts at 7:00 pm, followed by a discussion with director Josh Tickell and producer Rebecca Harrell Tickell.

Tuesday, June 29th (in New Orleans):

  • A strategic oil spill solutions think-tank, The Turning Point, lead by Synetics Group, on solutions to the oil spill with scientists, thought leaders and other notable activists. (From 9:00am – 2:00pm, interested parties must RSVP to
  • 1100 Person March for Clean Energy – The peace march begins at 3:00pm at the steps near Café Du Monde and continues through the French Quarter culminating at 5:00pm in the Human Oil Spill demonstration in Jackson Square with an aerial art project by John Quigley.  (Participants encouraged to wear black and bring a sign.)

Friday, July 2nd – 8th:

  • FUEL will premiere for the first time in Canadian theaters at The Bloor Cinema in Toronto.  Details at

Updates will be available at:


Josh Tickell’s stirring, radical and multi-award winning FUEL is a powerful portrait of America’s overwhelming addiction to, and reliance on, oil.  The feature length documentary film features: Barbara Boxer, Richard Branson, Sheryl Crow, Larry David, John Paul DeJoria, Larry Hagman, Woody Harrelson, Jim Hightower, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Willie Nelson, Julia Roberts and Neil Young.

Fuel DVD
Fuel DVD

DVD Bonus features include: How To Get 150 MPG From Your Prius, Building A Green Bottom Line With John Paul DeJoria, How to Save Thousands Through Energy Efficiency, Sustainable BioDiesel with HeroBX, How To Make Fuel for Under $1.50 per gallon, and Filmmaker Commentary track.  (Street Date: 6/22/10 / $24.95 / 112 mins./ Documentary/Eco-Packaging). Distributed by Cinema Libre Studio.

The film was produced by Greg Reitman of Blue Water Entertainment, Chip Rosenbloom of Open Pictures, Daniel Assael and Rebecca Harrell Tickell.  FUEL is now available at DVD outlets nationwide that will include: Best Buy, Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Cinema Libre Store and independent video stores (distribution in English-speaking Canada on July 27, 2010 by VSC).

For more information on FUEL as well as downloadable materials, visit Additional information can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

About Cinema Libre Studio:

Cinema Libre Studio is a haven for independent filmmakers with one-stop shopping for production and distribution. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the company has been a leader in distributing social issue and political documentaries.  More information at Cinema Libre Studio.

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