6.5 billion congratulations with this most excellent among brilliant documentaries. I sincerely hope this one will get the message through. Working for the Bolivian Mission to the UN, I saw it last wednesday at the UN Headquarters.
I watched your reading list of books on your website. A good couple of them I read or heard of myself: I saw there’s still enough reading for me to do.
I’d like to recommend a book of Riane Eisler that really should be on this list too: “The Real Wealth of Nations”. She argues that we should and can exchange our dominator society for a partnership society and include the caring and care giving domestic work, voluntary work and the life giving natural resources of our Mother Earth into our perception of economy. The first we should stop to dominate are our own mothers, sisters and daughters. Only then can we solve the problems of hunger, poverty, conflict and destruction of our Mother Earth.
Riane Eisler presented her book before the UN on 16 September this year and received a standing ovation for it. I can send you the transcription of her speech if you’re interested. Because we have to do more than criticizing the present deploring reality (as most of the books on your reading list do): we have to find alternative ways to cure ourselves and live in harmony with each other and our Mother Earth.

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