“Will leave you hurt and stunned. Yet, through all the pain and suffering, Jerri Sher’s masterful documentary dares shine light into the dark recesses of medicine to provide a beacon of light that traumatic brain injuries can be, and should be, handled effectively when caring healthcare providers choose to think differently.
– Michael Lewis, MD, MPH, MBA, FACPM, FACN, Colonel (Retired), U.S. Army, Author, When Brains Collide

“This documentary is absolutely buoyant with the possibilities life can hold and that there is always a chance to turn the corner into a hopeful future.”
– Alena Schoonmaker, Director of the Spokane International Film Festival

Los Angeles, CA (October 15, 2020) — Cinema Libre Studio is thrilled to announce the home entertainment release of QUIET EXPLOSIONS: HEALING THE BRAIN. From Emmy winning director, Jerri Sher, QUIET EXPLOSIONS follows the incredible journey of professional athletes, vets and first responders with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) who have recovered their brains from the disease’s devastating effects, going on to live a healthy, full life. The film features radio personality, Joe Rogan, a strong supporter of veterans.

According to the CDC, over two million people will suffer a TBI each year, stating, “Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a leading cause of death and disability in the United States.” Regardless of when the injury happened (recently or years ago), the tissue remains inflamed indefinitely unless treated. Jerri Sher’s gripping documentary captures the experiences of many people impacted by a TBI and the process of healing and recovering with the help of Dr. Mark L. Gordon and Dr. Daniel G. Amen.

QUIET EXPLOSIONS is based on Andrew and Adam Marr’s best seller, Tales from the Blast Factory, and is directed and produced by two time Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, Jerri Sher and produced by veteran producer, Michael Levy. The feature length documentary film was the winner of the Lilac Award at the Spokane International Film Festival and an official selection at the North Hollywood Cinefest.

The documentary has a running time of 99 minutes, is not rated and is heading to DVD and SVOD (Amazon) on November 10, 2020. The DVD Extras include an extended interview with Dr. Gordon and former Green Beret, Andrew Marr, an interview with Director Jerri Sher, and Jerri Sher & Dr. H. William Song and Dr. Bertica Rubio.  


Street Date: November 10, 2020
Genre: Documentary
UPC: 881394128521
Run Time: 99 Minutes
Rating: Not rated
SRP: $19.95
Format: 16 x 9 Widescreen
Audio: Stereo, 5.1

Bonus Material:

  • Extended interview – Dr. Gordon and Andrew Marr
  • Interview with Director Jerri Sher
  • Jerri Sher, Dr. H. William Song and Dr. Bertica Rubio


Special Forces Green Beret, Andrew Marr, returned from his third deployment, a quietly broken man. The explosives expert suffered a multitude of concussions while detonating hundreds of blasts in Afghanistan. Unable to cope with his illness, he fell into a spiral of drug and alcohol abuse; even contemplating suicide at one point. When it was nearly too late, he met Neuro-endocrinologist Dr. Mark Gordon, who properly diagnosed his condition as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Since then, Gordon has been helping veterans impacted by PTS and TBI through the Warrior Angels Foundation, founded by Adam and Andrew Marr and supported by radio personality Joe Rogan.

Professional athletes Mark Rypien (Washington Redskins Super Bowl XXVI MVP) and Anthony Davis (running back USC, Tampa Bay Buccaneers), candidly share their methods of coping with TBI and PTS, which they experienced from repetitive blows to the brain.

Renowned big wave surfer Shawn Dollar and Ben Driebergen, a Marine veteran and winner of CBS’s 35th “Survivor” season, reveal their struggles toward brain health. A former gymnast, a 9/11 first responder and the victim of military sexual trauma (MST) offer insights into their healing process from the disease which is estimated to have impacted 80 million people in the past 40 years. Additional hope and insightful methods are offered from experts Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Scott Sherr, Dr. Robert Sammons, Dr. Alan Sherr and Dr. Kristen Willeumier in this growing field.

www.quietexplosions.com | facebook.com/quietexplosions


JOE ROGAN is an American comedian and podcast host.  He is a huge supporter of veterans and wounded warriors, and has done several podcasts with Dr. Mark L. Gordon, and former Green Beret, Andrew Marr focusing on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and PTS.

MARK RYPIEN was the Super Bowl XXVI MVP winner and quarterback for the Washington Redskins. After a stellar career playing football Rypien suffered severe traumatic brain injury and PTSD.

ANDREW MARR, Sergeant First Class & Special Forces Green Beret, is the Co-Founder of the Warrior Angels Foundation, and co-author of Tales From the Blast Factory. His two tours in Afghanistan left him with PTSD and TBI’s from the blast trauma, as he was a breacher blowing up buildings with explosives.

SHAWN DOLLAR suffered thousands of concussions while surfing. At 32 he was the champion surfer holding the world record in Guinness World Records for the largest 61 foot wave ever surfed.

BEN DRIEBERGEN, an American Marine Corps veteran who served in Iraq as an assault man, is best known for competing and winning Season #35 of the reality television show “Survivor” . He suffered from PTSD from blast trauma and healed through his music.

ANNIE KENDZIOR NICHOLSON, a champion high school soccer player, was recruited by the Naval Academy. During her first year at school she was raped twice and suffered severe PTSD. After being told she was mentally ill and sent to a psych ward, she was then thrown out of the Navy.

SEBASTIAN RASPANTI, a 9/11 first responder firefighter in NYC, was suffering severe PTSD hauling out his colleagues and burying his fellow firefighters. He could barely say a complete sentence and was suffering from what is known as survivor guilt.

KEVIN FLIKE, Special Forces Engineer assigned to the 1st Special Forces Group and deployed to the Philippines, Thailand and twice to Afghanistan was shot and almost died. The severe pain he endured and the tragedy of not having the use of his leg caused severe PTSD.

ANTHONY DAVIS,  former NFL Running Back for the Miami Dolphins and also known as A.D., is a former American College USC star, also known as the “Notre Dame Killer”. He was on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine two times.

JULIANNA HARPINE was a gymnast since she was a child. Several concussions caused severe headaches and pain, such that she was ready to take her own life.

ALAN SHER was in prolonged surgery at the age of 50, undergoing a quadruple bypass after a severe heart attack. He lost his short term memory and had brain impairment being in surgery for 8+ hours (the brain did not get enough oxygen).He was the first male cuddler ever in the state of Massachusetts (cuddlers are volunteers that give the newborn the affection and love they need while in ICU). He enrolled in the program to help him deal with his traumatic brain injury and he credits this experience with saving his life, along with the treatments he received from Dr. Mark Gordon.



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