How Robert Mercer hijacked the election for Trump using Facebook ‘Dark Posts’


Los Angeles, CA (November 15, 2017) — TRUMPING DEMOCRACY, the explosive new documentary directed by Thomas Huchon from Europe’s popular SPICEE news network, follows the money behind the ultra-conservative faction that quietly engineered itself to power, via the campaign of Donald J. Trump. Cinema Libre Studio has acquired the rights to the film in the U.S. and English-speaking Canada, and is fast tracking a streaming release on November 21, followed by DVD on December 5.


77,000 votes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan won Trump the Electoral College vote, despite his 2.8 million popular vote loss. TRUMPING DEMOCRACY proves this was not chance, luck, or a free and open democratic victory.

This was a hijacking of the Electoral College, by a puppet master named Robert Mercer who manipulated the 2016 election by influencing voters using their personal data, fears, and vulnerabilities, while targeting them right down to the zip code level.

TRUMPING DEMOCRACY is the first documentary to make the connection between Mercer (the reclusive ultra conservative mega donor) with Breitbart News, data firm Cambridge Analytica, questionable campaign financing, and Facebook dark posts. A connection that paved the way for the strategic takeover of the Trump campaign — and ultimately, the White House — by Mercer and his puppets-in-chief, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, and David Bossie.

Headlines are swirling around Russia and Wikileaks and their potential connection to Cambridge Analytica, as well as the complicit behavior exhibited by social media giants like Facebook and Twitter while in pursuit of political advertising profits. It is imperative that the public is made aware of the depth of deceit, the connections within the global uprising of nationalist agendas, and that it comprehends the risk that our own data now poses to the democratic process.

“In such a highly developed country as the USA, I find it unimaginable that an election could be manipulated. I could never have imagined this to be true. We know that for democracy to flourish, the citizenry must be well informed, and as TRUMPING DEMOCRACY highlights, the democratic process was hijacked, and nobody saw it.”  – Thomas Huchon, Director

Synopsis: Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States by winning three key states, a victory engineered by an ultra-conservative faction that quietly mapped its way to power using fake news, lies and psychometrics. This explosive documentary follows the money to the reclusive multi-billionaire Robert Mercer, who bought Breitbart News and funded the effort while inserting Steve Bannon into the presidential campaign as its manager. Using the data of millions of Americans acquired from Facebook, Google, banks, credit companies, social security and more, Cambridge Analytica, another Mercer-owned company, used tactics honed during the UK’s Brexit campaign to identify voters deemed “most neurotic or worried,” whom they believed could swing for Trump. In the darkness of the web, democracy was trumped by data.

The Experts

Dr Michal Kosinski, Professor, Stanford University
Rosie Gray, Whitehouse Correspondent, The Atlantic
Tad Devine, Media Consultant
Sebastian Mallaby, Council on Foreign Relations
Ben Tulchin, Political Pollster & Strategist
Kathy Frankovic, Pollster & Political Analyst
Carole Cadwalladr, Author & Journalist, The Guardian
David Carroll, Associate Professor, The New School
Brendan Fischer, Lawyer, Campaign Legal Center
Paul-Olivier Dehaye, Ph.D Mathematics & Cofounder PersonalData.IO.

TRUMPING DEMOCRACY will be released by Cinema Libre Studio on VOD streaming platforms (including Amazon & Vimeo) November 21, 2017, and on DVD December 5, 2017


Online Streaming Release: November 21, 2017 (Amazon & Vimeo)
DVD Release
: December 5, 2017
Running Time: 69 minutes
Genre: Documentary, Political
Language: English
DVD UPC:  881394126121
DVD SRP: $19.95 | |


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