With countless causes and social issues to tackle, we thought we would take the month of May to focus on the awareness campaigns of several issues that are near and dear to Cinema Libre’s heart.

In honor of Mental Health month, we take a look at:

  • In our newest title, AS HIGH AS THE SKY, a woman’s OCD tendences are put to the test when her free spirited sister and niece come to stay with her.
  • In LOST ANGELS: SKID ROW IS MY HOME, we see how mental illness impacts homelessness on the streets of Los Angeles.
  • MAKE ME YOUNG examines the obsession with cosmetic surgery and the desperation to appear young at any cost.
  • In DISFIGURED, two women – one skinny, the other not – become awkward friends as they confront their issues of body image and self worth.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month celebrates:

  • WONG FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST is Kristina Wong’s hysterial one-woman performance that promises to conquer the depression epidemic and destroy Asian stereotypes.
  • TOUCH is the story of a Vietnamese manicurist who finds herself drawn to the mechanic who needs her help to save his marriage, directed by Minh Duc Nguyen.
  • FURIOUS BEAUTY, directed by Calvin Leung, documents a diverse cast of dancers who use their art to inspire their community.

  • Lastly, because May brings World Migratory Bird Day, we would like to continue to call attention to the plight of the endangered Condors (which is technically not a migratory bird) as politicians continue to push non-lead ammunition, a discussion which is diplomatically approached in SCAVENGER HUNT.

We’re working hard to upgrade the content of our newsletter.  Let us know what you think over on Facebook. This month we are releasing AS HIGH AS THE SKY and KIDS RIGHTS on DVD and TOO SANE FOR THIS WORLD andLIVING THINGS on digital platforms including Hulu & Amazon.

– The Cinema Libre Team



“Nikki Braendlin directed this personal film and she did not let it fall into sentimentalism…The cinematography is brilliant..”- Amos Lassen

When her older sister and niece arrive unexpectedly, Margaret’s life is thrown into disarray. Although initially resistant to their bonding efforts, she slowly loosens up and learns a new definition of family. But just as she begins to embrace her new life, she discovers the truth behind the visit. VIEW TRAILER.

Also coming to Hulu & Amazon VOD in June!


In KIDS’ RIGHTS: THE BUSINESS OF ADOPTION, a young couple asks themselves if they are fit for parenthood after they personally witness Sir Elton John and David Furnish’s failure to adopt a child.  They speak with social workers, lawyers, psychologists, and adoption agencies around the world and learn that there is a flawed system in place that deprives children of the most basic human rights. VIEW TRAILER.

Available on digital platforms in June!

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Events Calendar
5/7 – 5/11 – LEMON will be screening at the Art of Brooklyn Fest
5/10 – AS HIGH AS THE SKY is at the Tallahassee Film Society
5/14 – HARVEST will be screened at the Workers Unite Fest
5/18-24 – ITS BETTER TO JUMP will be a part of the Festival of Tolerance
5/22 AS HIGH AS THE SKY will be screened in association withHeartland Truly Moving Pictures
7/16 – LOST ANGELS will be screening in Houston




“Whichever side of the table you sit on in this controversial discussion, you are sure to get a hefty serving of thought provoking entertainment from Living Things.”

– The Las Vegas Informer

Rhona, a yoga instructor committed to a vegan lifestyle, must entertain Leo, her red meat-loving, blue collar father-in-law, as she waits for her husband to join them for dinner.  When Leo attempts to apologize for a past insult, he instead opens up a debate that challenges her belief system.  Their conversation quickly escalates into a heated argument that scrutinizes animal cruelty, climate change, health, morality, and spirituality.

Endorsed by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and reminiscent of the classic film My Dinner With Andre, Living Things presents a compelling dialogue about humanity and the benefits of a healthier, environmentally-conscious lifestyle.

Directed by Eric Shapiro | 73 Minutes | Narrative | In English

WebsiteFacebook View Trailer

Available on digital platforms May 15th!

Too Sane For This World: A Film About Adult Autism

Too Sane for This World explores the challenges, gifts, and distinct perspectives of 12 adults on the autism spectrum. Featuring an introduction by bestselling author, Dr. Temple Grandin, and interviews designed by adults with high-functioning autism, the film discusses many of the problems facing the autism community – from bullying to marginalization and discrimination. A unique collaboration between neurotypical and atypical individuals, men and women living on the spectrum speak candidly about defining and coming to terms with their autism, difficulties they’ve faced, and the experiences that have shaped their lives, illustrating the neurodiversity of the mind and its limitless potential.

Directed by William Davenport | 63 Minutes | Documentary | In English

WebsiteFacebook View Trailer

Educational & Public Performance Licensing is also available for this title.


**Featured in BooklistVideo Detective!

The ancient city of Akka, along the northern coast of Israel, is the home to a melting pot of Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Baha’i. For centuries, its surrounding forty-foot sea wall has protected its people and repelled invaders. As the Old City endures harsh economic pressures and vast social changes, Palestinian families who have lived here for generations are being pressured to leave.

Directed by Patrick Stewart | 73 Minutes | Documentary | In English & Arabic w/subtitles


Educational & Public Performance Licensing is also available for this title.



Caught in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis, Patrick Lovell, one of 10 million people who lost their homes, finds himself asking why he and so many Americans were blindsided by the economy’s implosion. How could his pursuit of the American Dream – starting a business, providing for his new family, and owning a home – drive him to financial ruin?

Directed by Patrick Lovell | 97 Minutes | Documentary | In English


Educational & Public Performance Licensing is also available for this title.



With a Moviemaker Magazine cover story written by Cinema Libre’s own Beth Portello, the question of the hour is Can Moviemakers Save the World?

Our goal is to foster the creative spirit of artists and filmmakers seeking social change, but it can be an uphill battle from concept to final cut.

Teach With Movies, a network for educators and parents, helps to enforce the idea that carefully selected feature films could supplement curriculum and foster social-emotional learning

By supporting CAAM (Center for Asian American Media), including theirdocumentary fund or fellowship program, you can help Asian Americans continue to make films that reflect their unique stories and points of view.

Patrons of the arts and aspiring filmmakers alike can work with New York Foundation for the Arts, where artists pitch their projects and receive fiscal sponsorship to see their visions come to life.

Questions?  info@cinemalibrestudio.com




OLIVER STONE, Oscar© winning writer / director, is executive producing The Emir! Read more here.

“Due to what is happening in the world right now, I can’t see any movie that is more important to be made today,” Philippe Diaz, Producer

Pistols presented to The Emir by Abraham Lincoln.

Abd El-Kader (1808-1883) united the Algerian tribes and led their struggle against the French colonial invasion. After fifteen years of struggle, he accepted terms to be exiled from his country in order to stop the destruction of his people by the French. A Muslim and Sufi, el-Kader believed that all people of the book–Muslims, Jews and Christians– believed in essentially the same God, and hence were all brothers.

The film takes place in part in Syria in 1860, when El-Kader had returned to Arab lands following his exile in France. Due to a new law, the Muslims rose against the Christians, massacring thousands of them. El-Kader took thousands of Christians in his home protecting them from his fellow Muslims, and thus saving them from slaughter. His actions were recognized by President Abraham Lincoln and England’s Queen Victoria, earning him the respect of the world.

Read more on the film from Variety Magazine.




From directors Nancye Ferguson and Mary C. Reese comes Robert Williams Mr. Bitchin’an exploration of underground artist Robert Williams and how he took the art world by storm one decade at a time.

Filmmaker Anna Fischer hits the rough streets of India with a local guide to look at the epidemic of abuse and homelessness amongst the millions of street orphans living in train stations in Lucky Express.

Actress, artist and director Alexia Anastasio takes viewers onAdventures in Plymptoons! A documentary that goes deep inside the method and madness of America’s most independent animator,two time Oscar nominee, Bill Plympton.


Performance Artist Kristina Wong vows that by the end of her hilarious 85 minute one woman show, she will save all Asian American women from the inexplicably high rates of suicide and depression affecting them.

Directed by Calvin Leung, explore the soulful journey of a professional street dance company, Versa-Style, as they create an inspired theatrical stage show in Los Angeles while changing the lives of at risk youth.

Directed by Minh Duc Nguyen, A shy Vietnamese-American manicurist finds herself falling for a mechanic as she attempts to teach him how to save his failing mariage in this sensual romantic drama.

WHY THE 99%? :

The Best Government Money Can Buy? explores the issue through interviews with real Washington beltway insiders, key participants in the process – who often speak with surprising candor.

Hosted by actor and activist Woody Harrelson,Ethos lifts the lid on a Pandora’s Box of systemic issues that guarantee failure in every aspect of our lives, from the environment to our democracy and our own personal liberty

Patriocracy is a non-partisan examination of Washington dysfunction. It drills down and illustrates the forces that drive a wedge into the middle ground of America and the solutions required to move forward.

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