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Are celebrities behaving badly simply for publicity & “street cred” or are they really that foolish? Just take a look at Justin Bieber’s recent video deposition in the lawsuit where he allegedly ordered his bodyguard to beat up a photographer and steal the memory card. Are we entering a new era of sensationalized celebrity trials? Whatever the answer, one thing remains clear – the public display of our celebrities’ trials and tribulations is still a booming business.

Justin Bieber arrested in 2014America’s love for celebrities and even greater love for seeing them crash and burn has catapulted TMZ, Perez Hilton, and other celebrity gossip sites & blogs into the entertainment news vernacular. Consuming entertainment news isn’t a new phenomenon, but the Internet has played an integral part in the dissemination of gossip and scandal and has significantly contributed to the instant accessibility of both.

Celebrity Trials In The Media GraphicThe film CELEBRITY TRIALS IN THE MEDIA confronts one of the most pressing issues facing the modern television news business today — the need to deliver big ratings that drive advertising revenue – and a new definition of ‘news.’ Celebrity trials are big business, and when the news media comes to town to cover sensational cases, lives are changed and ethical barriers are shattered. If a celebrity is involved, an otherwise unnoticed case of drunk driving, insider trading, rape, or even murder gets more national and local coverage than the real news of the day.

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