California's Drought Progression 2014

This weekend Winter Storm Titan will hit California and then migrate across the country affecting the US from coast to coast.

While the long a waited rainfall will hardly end the Drought State of Emergency, one thing is certain: water levels are dangerously low in the Golden State.  Over the last 3 years, Californians have been struggling with the worst drought since the state started keeping records in the 1800s.

Water is not the next global issue, but a current one and California isn’t the only place that is affected by it.  The 2010 film WATER WARS: WHEN DROUGHT, FLOOD, AND GREED COLLIDE discusses the world water crisis and the politics behind this fundamental human right.  As stated in the film, an estimated 35,000 people are dying every day from water related causes – from dehydration to natural disasters.

Many experts predict that water will be the cause for the next world war.  The film’s global view poses the necessary question; can the global community work together to deal with the impending calamity and perhaps avert it?

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