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Coming to DVD and Digital Platforms August 27, 2013


LOS ANGELES, CA (August 9, 2013) Most people avoid talking about death. Following the unexpected loss of his father, Andrew Morgan decided to make a documentary in which the viewer could “observe loss honestly in all of its power and its pain.” AFTER THE END will become available on DVD and video-on-demand (VOD) platforms (including Amazon Instant and Hulu) on August 27, 2013 from Cinema Libre Studio.

Morgan lost his father suddenly in Fall 2011 when the two of them were on a bicycle ride.  Morgan moved forward with his life: changed jobs, moved across country, had a child. “All of the changes and new things helped me to focus on anything but my dad,” said Morgan.  And then one day, he woke up and realized he really wanted to talk about his father and his death. By sharing his own experience with interview subjects, Morgan was able to create a very natural and very cathartic examination of the grieving process which will allow those who have experienced a close loss to recognize the common bond they share with many others and to be reassured that they will eventually heal.

“A poignant, beautiful film that genuinely invites viewers to examine not just grief, but the opportunities for resilience, hope and deep, deep love that can emerge following profound loss,” says Dianne Gray, President of the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation. Kubler-Ross was a pioneer in near-death studies and the author of ‘On Death and Dying,” and is featured in the film.

After The End

Guided by Andrew Morgan, who lost his father in a cycling accident, the filmmakers journey across America speaking with families who have recently experienced a loss, sharing their heartfelt stories about working through the experience.

Through interviews with hospice coordinators, bereavement specialists and experts on grief counseling, including Alan D. Wolfelt (author, educator and founder of Center For Loss & Life Transition), Rev. David M. Smith, and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (via archival video), the author of the seminal work on grief issues, “On Death and Dying,” we are reminded that by sharing our pain, we allow ourselves to heal.


TECHNICAL DETAILS: USA | Documentary | Unrated | 79 minutes | Directed by Andrew Morgan | CLS 1178

| 881394117822| In English


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