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skid row is my home

LOS ANGELES, CA (March 10, 2013) – The 2011 SAMHSA* Voice award-winning documentary film LOST ANGELS: SKID ROW I MY HOME will be released in North America on DVD and digital platforms (Amazon Instant, Hulu and more) on March 19, 2013 by Cinema Libre Studio. The film, directed by Thomas Q. Napper, produced by Agi Orsi (“Dogtown and Z-Boys” “Riding Giants”), was executive produced by Gary Foster (“The Soloist,” “Emperor,” “Sleepless in Seattle”) who also produced the Jamie Foxx/ Robert Downey Jr. film “The Soloist.”

LOST ANGELS is the directorial debut for Napper, who served as the second-unit director on “The Soloist.” Both films were shot on Los Angeles’ skid row.

“The Soloist” told the story of Nathaniel Ayers, a homeless musician with Julliard training, based on stories written by Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez and was financed by DreamWorks Pictures, Universal Pictures and Participant Media and released in 2009 by Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures.

LOST ANGELS began as a passion project for Napper and many of the project’s producers and crew who were charmed by the homeless people auditioning as extras for ‘The Soloist,” who shared their personal stories. They include: Danny Harris, a former Olympian; Lee Anne Leven, a “Cat Lady” and trash collector; her boyfriend, “K.K.,” who was murdered in 2009 on the streets of Los Angeles; Bam Bam, a transgender, recovering drug addict and Terri “Detroit” Hughes, an aspiring actress. It highlights the community services provided by LAMP Community, LACAN (Los Angeles Community Action Network) and The Midnight Mission.

“The idea right from the beginning was to let the people of Skid Row speak for themselves. We were blown away by their dignity, their resilience, their honesty and their stories about life dealing with mental illness and addiction on Skid Row,” says Napper. “We set out to show the poetry in the person with schizophrenia and the wisdom in the heart of a person trying to break a crack addiction.” Based in the UK, Napper also performed second-unit duties on “Atonement” and “Pride & Prejudice”.

SYNOPSIS: LOST ANGELS: SKID ROW IS MY HOME takes an uncompromising yet life-affirming look at the lives of eight remarkable individuals, people who have found a way to make a life for themselves within the community of homelessness. The film shows how their descent into society’s basement has been exacerbated by the forces of gentrification and the increasing criminalization of homeless people, while exposing the draconian changes to the mental health care system that have brought us here.

With the support of a vast array of advocates, especially the services of LAMP, the mission featured in the Jamie Foxx/ Robert Downey Jr. film, THE SOLOIST, many residents of Skid Row have found a way to stick together and fight back. Narrated by actress Catherine Keener, LOST ANGELS demonstrates how proactive approaches to homelessness–most specifically that of providing housing–are helping many to recover from mental illness and substance abuse and to find stability. For many, Skid Row is, improbably, the last place to find refuge and build a life of meaning, proving that sometimes home is where the help is.

The film shows a decidedly less glamorous side of Los Angeles that is rarely depicted on screen and is, perhaps one of two films that show life from the perspective of the people living in the homeless capital of America.

It was awarded a 2011 *VOICE Award from SAMHSA (Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration) which honors television and film professionals for their efforts to educate the public about the real experiences of people with behavioral health problems. In addition to letting homeless people speak for themselves, the doc touches on the key issues that create homelessness, including the reduction of mental health facilities since the 1950s and especially under Ronald Reagan; the redevelopment and gentrification of low-income areas that are declared blighted and then demolished to make way for projects that generate higher property taxes and other revenue, creating a shortage of housing affordable to low-income working families, the elderly poor, and the disabled; and, the failure of urban housing projects to provide safe, secure, and affordable housing to the poor.

The film was produced with Executive Producers Susan Klos (CEO, Big Time Picture Company) and Joe Wright (“The Soloist,” “Atonement,”) with associate producer and location manager, Karen Gilbert. Additional support was provided by contributions from the Hilton Foundation and other organizations.

Additional information can be found at: www.lostangelsfilm.com | @skidrowismyhome

DVD Details: Available on DVD

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• 5.1 Surround Sound

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