What: A FREE film series – Power to the People Film Series – To thank all LA Occupy-ers and activists

When: Starts Friday, November 11, 2011.  Additional screenings per schedule below.

Where: The Last Bookstore (453 S Spring St, Downtown LA)

Why: To show support for the 99% protesting in Los Angeles (and across the world) against the inequities in our   economic system caused by the control the multi-national corporations wield in our lives. By sharing these films, we hope to open eyes and minds.

Who: Presented by the LA Progressive,  Hollywood Progressive, The Last Bookstore and Cinema Libre Studio with support from the Levantine Cultural Center and KPFK radio with special thanks to Pharaoh MC and the proceeds from his album, Terrorism Era.

Schedule & Details:

A FREE screening of the following films will occur followed by Q&A with filmmakers and special guests.  All screenings start at 4:00pm and discussion will end by 7:00pm.

Friday 11/11The Best Government Money Can Buy (78 mins.) with Save The Farm (31 mins.)

In Best Government, Director Francis Megahy examines the role of lobbyists and their influence on our lives.

Save The Farm shares the story of the last stand of the South Central Farmers in Los Angeles with the support of activists such as Darryl Hannah, Julia Hill Butterfly and John Quigley.

  • Q&A to follow with Best Government Director Francis Megahy, Producer Scott Wolf  and Save the Farm’s Director Michael Kuehnert  with representative from the South Central Farmers
    • The fate of the land that was once the South Central Farm in Los Angeles is still undecided with the LA City Council taking a vote that could rescind the previously mandated creation of “greenspace”.  Recent video shot during the LA City Council meeting last week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gW5V83WFzm4

Tuesday 11/15 – The End of Poverty? (104 mins.)

Philippe Diaz’s prescient documentary asks: why in a world with so much wealth, does poverty exist?  Features Joseph Stiglitz, Susan George, Chalmers Johnson, John Perkins and John Christensen.

  • Q&A – To be announced.

Wednesday 11/16Gas Hole: What the Oil Companies Don’t Want You To Know (100 mins.)

GAS HOLE is an eye-opening documentary about the history of oil prices and sheds light on a secret that the big oil companies don’t want you to know – that there are viable and affordable alternatives to petroleum fuel! It also provides a detailed examination of our continued dependence on foreign oil and examines various potential solutions — starting with claims of buried technology that dramatically improves gas mileage, to navigating bureaucratic governmental roadblocks, to evaluating different alternative fuels that are technologically available now, to questioning the American Consumers’ reluctance to embrace alternatives.

  • Q&A to follow with co-directors Scott D. Roberts and Jeremy Wagener

Tuesday 11/22Genius on Hold (88 mins) (SNEAK PREVIEW!)

With the Department of Justice vs. AT &T looming in February 2012, we’ll share a sneak preview of a powerful new documentary film (premiering in theatres in 2012) which shows how AT &T has been using monopolistic practices for nearly 100 years that have destroyed the livelihoods of many  while earning them record profits.

  • Q&A to follow with director Gregory Marquette

Ed Rampell, a film historian/critic (Hollywood Progressive.com) and  author of “Progressive Hollywood, A Peoples Film History of the United States” will also participate in the panels.

Donations will be accepted at the door or via Eventbrite, where RSVPs can be made as seating is limited http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2484683756/mcivte

For additional information please visit:

–          FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=264606690251620

–          LA PROGRESSIVES.com http://www.laprogressive.com/category/featured-event/


Beth Portello, bportello@cinemalibrestudio.com, 818-349-8822, cell: 310-780-4008

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