Dan Lybarger

Dan Lybarger

Freelance writer and critic from Kansas City

Posted: October 25, 2010 10:51 PM

Because of his fondness of conspiracies and selective presentations of fact in his narrative movies (sorry Doors fans, they weren’t going to play Woodstock anyway), it’s easy to pigeonhole Oliver Stone as a loon with a camera.

2010-10-26-southborder.jpgAt his best, however, Stone can help viewers discover viable alternatives to the official versions of history and current events. Much of the recent coverage of South America in our domestic media has been superficial and shoddy. So his recent documentary South of the Border offers a perspective that is occasionally enlightening and often convincing. It’s also refreshing to see Stone demonstrating a much-needed sense of humor.

The new film examines Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez’s rise to power and how it has influenced the rest of the continent. While Stone emerges an unabashed admirer, he presents Chávez in a more nuanced light than he’s usually been portrayed in the north. Outlets like Fox News, CNN and the New York Times in fits of hysteria have likened Chávez to Hitler, so Stone’s fawning take actually seems saner in comparison.

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  1. seems to be exciting if the president of President Hugo Chávez’s
    replaced with a cast that looks more like him …

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