LOS ANGELES (September 29, 2010) – The January 2010 Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (FEC), pushed the door wide open for corporations to spend unlimited funds to advocate or defeat the election efforts of federal candidates. These 2010 mid-term elections are expected to be the most expensive campaigns on record. There are already 14,000 officially registered lobbyists working on behalf of special interest – which averages to 26 lobbyists to every member of Congress – and over $6.7 BILLION spent in the last two years to influence them.  Coming to DVD on October 26, 2010, THE BEST GOVERNMENT MONEY CAN BUY?, is the first-ever, behind-the-scenes examination of the lobbying system and its influence on our elected candidates.

Veteran documentary filmmaker, Francis Megahy, takes a non-partisan stance in a comprehensive examination of the influence of K Street on our elected official.  With spending on elections rocketing upwards in the last decade, campaign fund-raising now occupies at least 30% of a lawmaker’s time.  The biggest source of campaign funds comes from large corporations, channeled through their lobbyists.  AS a result, the number of lobbyists has more than doubled since 2000, with spending exceeding $13 Billion.  It would be naïve to think that their clients don’t expect a return on their investment.

Using case studies of industry sectors which affect all our lives – Energy, Health Care, and Financial Services – the documentary shows how corporations achieve the legislation they want by financing individual Members’ election campaigns.  Featuring major players such as the former Congressman from Connecticut, Anthony J. Moffat , the lobbyists for Citi Group (Nicholas E. Calio ) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (R. Bruce Josten) – which represents over 3 million businesses and organizations – THE BEST GOVERNMENT MONEY CAN BUY? presents insights from Beltway insiders AND watchdogs from both sides of the aisle, who speak with surprising candor.   Also featured are: Terry Lierman, Chief of Staff to Congressman Steny Hoyer; Larry J. Sabato, Director, University of Virginia, Center For Politics; David Certner, Legislative Counsel and Legislative Policy Director at AARP; Catherine P. Bennett, the Senior Vice President of the National Foreign Trade Council, and and many others who reveal how the lobbyists’ power eventually filters down to affect every American life.

“When Members of the House get 80% of their funding from Washington DC –  not from their voters – and spend only three days a week in DC, because they spend more than 30% of their time campaigning and fund-raising and then routinely vote for the special interests that fund them,” says Megahy, “how can the average citizen expect their vote to compete with the clout of the special interests? The explosion of money spent on lobbying, aided by the Supreme Court decision, is the most serious threat our democracy has ever faced.”


The first behind-the-scenes, comprehensive, non-partisan examination of the system of lobbying in Washington, DC. The cost of election campaigns HAS spiraled out of control, to the extent that, on average, our representatives spend more than 30% of their time fundraising. Even our Presidents regularly interrupt the nation’s work in order to spend time fundraising!

Veteran documentary filmmaker, Megahy, makes a journey of discovery as he tries to answer some questions which puzzle him: who provides the money and what impact does it have?


SRP $19.95

USA | TRT: 76 minutes

Street Date 10/26/10

UPC 881394110526 | Catalog CLS 1105

Genre: Documentary

Special Insiders Features: Fred Wertheimer, Founder of Democracy 21 * Daniel Newman, Co-Founder of * Stephen J. Wayne, Georgetown Professor and Author of “The Road to the White House” * Melanie Sloane, Founder of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington  * James A. Thurber, Director of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies at American University

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