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From Executive Producers Norman Lear and George Lopez presenting


A musical comedy on race, ambition and family…Angeleno style



LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles’ multi-cultural landscape is hilariously skewered in Amy French’s musical comedy from Executive Producers Norman Lear and George Lopez. A native angelena and first time director, French mines her Hollywood upbringing in this tongue-in-cheek narrative about music, aspiration and race.  “El Súperstar: The Unlikely Rise of Juan Francés” starts an exclusive engagement at Laemmle’s Monica 4-Plex on September 17th following the bicentennial celebration of Mexican Independence (September 16th).

French, one of the top ten working commercial actresses in the nation, co-wrote, produced and directed the comedy with her real-life brother and star of the film, Spencer John French.  Their upbringing as children of a Hollywood film executive inspired the film, which features original music (in Spanish) written and composed by the French siblings.

The quirky comedy tells the story of Juan Francés (born Jonathan French), a white guy who lives the life of a working class Mexican as a result of his upbringing by his Latina nanny.  French convinced veteran actors, Lupe Ontiveros (“Our Family Wedding”  “Southland”  “Desperate Housewives”) to play the nanny-turned-mother to Juan Francés and indie favorite, Danny Trejo (“Machete” “Grindhouse” “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”) to play Juan’s step-father.

There’s an underlying commentary on identity and nature versus nurture, while poking fun at the star-making machinery of Hollywood.

French chose to cast her brother as the lead, despite his lack of acting experience, simply because this was their story and, according to French, “it would be virtually impossible to find an actor who looks as ‘white’ as Spencer, can speak Spanish fluently, as well as sing and play the guitar.  He is my greatest discovery, which is funny because he’s been right there my whole life.”  She adds: “There’s such a charm and realness in his inexperience and innocence that comes through the screen, especially in a role like this one.”

SYNOPSIS: Born in Beverly Hills and orphaned at 3 months, Jonathan French was adopted by his Mexican nanny, Nena (Lupe Ontiveros) and step-father, E.J. (Danny Trejo) and raised to be a God-fearing Mexican with a love for ranchero music.

During his “Jesus Year” (age 33),  now known as Juan Francès, he as a gardener, valet-parker, short-order cook, nanny and janitor when he is “blessed” by the Virgin of Guadalupe with the talent to sing like the angels.  He takes his ranchero act from the small, half-empty soccer bars of East L.A., to a music festival  where he is discovered and swept into Mexican pop stardom.

Caught in the whirlwind of fame, Juan’s everyman appearance and musical style undergo a celebrity makeover.  When the dark truth about his history is revealed, Juan must ask himself: Am I ‘El Guero,’ Mexican reggaetron star or this bald, pink guy I see in the mirror?

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EL SÚPERSTAR starts Friday, September 17th:

Laemmle’s Monica 4-plex

1332 2nd Street

Santa Monica, 90401


Details here.

Daily Shows @ 1:00, 3:20, 5:30, 7:40 & 10:15

Friday 9/17

  • A live evening performances by Juan Francés (Spencer John French) on the Third Street Promenade starts at approximately 5:00pm,
  • Q&A with director Amy French and Spencer John French following the 7:40pm show

Saturday 9/18

  • A live evening performances by Juan Francés (Spencer John French) on the Third Street Promenade starts at approximately 3:00pm,
  • Q&A with director Amy French and Spencer John French following the 7:40pm show

Sunday 9/19

  • Q&A with director Amy French following the 1:00pm show

Media Contact: | 818-349-8822

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