Yolanda Cruz: Reel Chatino Women Have Nerve

By: Olga García Echeverría

I’m not really sure if real women have to have curves (I know some flacas who are pretty chingonas), but in my opinion female filmmakers, especially indigenous female filmmakers like Yolanda Cruz, have to have a lot of nerve.

Film, afterall, has traditionally been a male-dominated field, and when we consider the historical representations of indigenous people in the media, such as the stereotypical savage or the noble indian, we can appreciate the challenges faced by contemporary filmmakers like Cruz.

Yolanda, though, isn’t one to feel limited by past or present. Like many visionary artists, she’s about cultivating and creating, even in times of economic crisis and even within a field where far too often the voices of women of color are excluded. With seven award-winning films to her name, the last of which is a feature-length documentary, Yolanda’s proven that she’s not intimated by the industry and that she’s serious about increasing the representation of indigenous people in the media.

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