LOS ANGELES (August 6, 2010) – Following the tragic death of her wife, Charlene Strong was thrust into the national spotlight as an activist for marriage equality.  Her emotional testimony was influential in the final decision of the Washington State’s Legislature to enact its historic Domestic Partnership laws protecting LGBT couples and families.  Charlene was recently invited to meet with President Barack Obama at the White House during a June 2010 reception for LGBT Pride leaders.  Charlene’s evolution into a marriage equality activist is powerfully captured in the award-winning documentary film, FOR MY WIFE, by filmmakers David Rothmiller and L.D. Thompson.  It will be released nationwide on DVD starting on August 31, 2010.

In December 2006, when a torrential rainstorm hit Seattle, Kate Fleming, a celebrated recording artist, became trapped in her flooding basement studio.  As the waters rose, Charlene, Kate’s partner of nine years, rushed home to try and remove the debris that blocked the door before the fire department could arrive.  Firefighters eventually had to cut through the floor of a bedroom to lift Kate out from the basement, but it was too late.  Kate was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit of a nearby hospital where Charlene was barred from entry by emergency room staff. As Kate lay dying, Charlene had to make frantic telephone calls to Kate’s “family members” in order to secure permission for her to be with her partner.  Kate died that night, minutes after Charlene was finally given permission.

Reeling from her loss and the subsequent humiliation of a funeral director’s bigotry, Charlene decided to take a stand.  She testified in both the House and the Senate as Washington’s legislature was debating the enactment of Domestic Partnership rights.  Charlene’s dramatic congressional testimony is credited in the bill’s passage.  These events have put Charlene on a new path, that of “activist” with her cause: Marriage Equality for Lesbian and Gay Americans who lack the most basic of legal protections.

Synopsis: FOR MY WIFE: The Making of An Activist For Marriage Equality is a culturally important documentary film that brings reason and substantive merit to the national dialogue on marriage equality. Faced with tragedy and humiliating discrimination at her partner’s deathbed, Charlene Strong rose to prominence as an advocate for LGBT equality.

Her journey inspires on a deep level, bringing a sense of triumph through unimaginable sorrow.  It is a universal story about love, dignity and fighting for what is right.


SRP $19.95

USA | TRT: 60 minutes

Street Date 8/31/10

UPC 881394110427 | Catalog CLS 1104

Genre: Documentary

Special Bonus Features: Gloria Steinem on Marriage Equality; “My Reclamation” video by Sam Harris; The Warren Report Podcast Interview; Meet the Filmmakers and Trailer

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