North American rights for Oliver Stone’s Latin American documentary “South of the Border” have been acquired by Cinema Libre Studio, it was announced today. The documentary, which had its world premiere in September 2009 at the Venice Film Festival, will be released in 10 major US cities starting in New York on June 25th.

“Border” chronicles Stone’s travels to South America in the winter of 2009, spotlighting the rise to power of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and other South American leaders responsible for sweeping changes in the region. The film features conversations with Chávez, Evo Morales (Bolivia), Lula da Silva (Brazil), Cristina Kirchner (Argentina), as well as her husband and ex-President Néstor Kirchner, Fernando Lugo (Paraguay), Rafael Correa (Ecuador), and Raúl Castro (Cuba).

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By Peter Knegt, IndieWire

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