A few weeks ago, a friend of mine from Canada was in town on business and stayed with me for the weekend. As we looked through a Los Angeles guidebook, he told me he wanted to make sure we stopped at a Target. Apparently there are no Targets in Canada, and he wanted to buy some clothes there before he left.

I rarely shop at Target (and don’t buy clothes when I do) and I was shocked at how low the prices were for clothes — in many cases, lower than I remember them being as a kid when my mom would take me shopping there. How could Target be turning a profit?

I had recently seen the documentary The End of Poverty? (see part 1 of my interview with TEOP writer/director/cinematographer Philippe Diaz), and something that had been on my mind since then is the concept that the US and other countries in the northern hemisphere are rich because we are impoverishing hundreds of millions of people, mostly in the southern hemisphere.

– Jonathan Kim, The Huffington Post

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