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Bernadette Scarduzio is a lovely young woman who suffers from Charcot-Marie-Tooth (C-M-T). Bern’s father had been taking care of her, but he passed away from a massive heart attack on December 20, 2008. He also had C-M-T, as did his own father and most of his father’s nine brothers and sisters. Bern’s brother has C-M-T, a disease that many people know nothing about because families have hidden its existence. Thus far, she has had 24 or 25 surgeries on her hands, feet, ankles, hips—some successful and some not. She went into a chair several years ago, shortly after her father died. Bernadette was diagnosed when she was eight or nine. Her parents hid it because of the possible stigma involved until she was in high school. When she had to have surgery she would explain to people that her disease was like MS. to hide the fact that she had C-M-T.

Bernadette is now 33, single and living in Drexel Hill with her three puppies. She and her partner Laura, who is also in the film, broke up over five months ago. Laura helped Bern so much and now being on her own is a whole new world for her. Despite the C-M-T, she painted her house and likes to decorate. She loves to read and write poetry. Bern also plays poker. She has games at her house and likes to go to casinos. In the future, Bern says she would like to try out for the World Series of Poker.

Bernadette is a certified personal trainer. She has worked in a few physical therapy facilities as a physical therapist aid and then went on to get her certificate as a personal trainer, though she has since stopped training patients. Bern worked for her dad as a receptionist at Cuz N Company Salon and Spa, a business her parents owned. She says, "From age 17 until my early 20's, I worked off and on for my dad as needed, and he was my favorite boss! I also worked as a teacher’s aide for Family Support Services from age 18 until my mid- 20s. It was a great job for me because it was from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Being with those kids also helped mold me into the strong person I became."


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