Josh Taub – Director / Executive Producer

With a background in acting, Josh Taub broke into TV production in 2002 as an audience coordinator for a live video countdown show at Fuse. Quickly, he then worked his way up the ranks to producer - writing scripts and overseeing broadcasted segments. It wasn't long before Josh went out on his own, co-founding his first company Cold Cut Films, LLC (CCF) in 2005, which sold the mockumentary-style TV show "The P.A." as a third party production company to, none other than, Fuse. Since the success of "The P.A.", Josh has left CCF to found his new production company, Run Amuck Productions, LLC. Aside from writing and producing the spec pilot "Living The Dream", featuring well-known comedian Robert Kelly, RAP has just wrapped production on the documentary "Bernadette", a documentary about a beautiful and amazing young woman living with a degenerative muscle disorder.

Jeff Ertz – Editor / Co-producer

In film, Jeff worked as assistant editor for award-winning director Ramin Bahrani's “Plastic Bag,” which premiered at the Venice Film Festival. He also cut the companion documentary. With Michael Meredith, writer/director of “The Open Road,” Jeff edited the short film, “Hands & Eyes,” and two contemporary dance videos featuring the Martha Graham Dance Company, which were screened in Cuba. He has also worked as post production sound mixer with award-winning director Phil Allocco on a number of projects, including Allocco's feature documentary, “Roxy: The Last Dance.” Jeff has also cut numerous promos and industrials, including movie trailers for IFC, On Demand content for Comcast, and informational videos for Suze Orman's website.

Antonio Arecibo - Assistant Editor

Born in Arecibo Puerto Rico, Antonio is currently a Brooklyn based independent filmmaker who has collaborated with Director/Producer Josh Taub on several other projects. Antonio has been involved in most aspects of filmmaking with the exception of acting. These skills include writing, directing, editing, compositing visual effects, cinematography and producing. He possesses a mastery of filmmaking that has been very integral to the completion of many film projects, especially those that have a very limited budget. He has proven that even smaller budgeted films can still have high production value and hold their own along with studio backed films.

Joe Fisher - Production Manager

Joe Fisher has been a producer for major cable networks including Nickelodeon, truTV, and Fuse, as well as Sprint Mobile's on-demand network. He's produced a variety of music television projects featuring artists such as Kanye West, Jack White, and Coldplay. Most recently, he developed, wrote, and produced children's programming for Nickelodeon's new mobile app, which launched in early 2013. Joe resides in New York City with his girlfriend and their French bulldog, Cosmo.


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