• Charcot Marie Tooth disease (C-M-T), named after the three doctors who first identified it, is one of the most common inherited nerve disorders. C-M-T affects an estimated 1 in 2,500 people in the United States and 2.6 million people worldwide, although experts believe the number could be much higher.
  • C-M-T is also commonly called hereditary sensory and motor neuropathy. This means that the disease runs in families and causes problems with the sensory and motor nerves, the nerves that run from the arms and legs to the spinal cord and brain.
  • The disease is usually passed on from parent to child, with a 50 percent chance of the child inheriting the condition. However, recent testing has found that some people have the faulty genes, but their parents do not.
  • Although C-M-T is one of the more common hereditary neuropathies, its symptoms are similar to other types of neuropathy. In addition, not all doctors are familiar with C-M-T.
A comprehensive resource can be found at the HNF-CURE.ORG


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