About Me

Beth Portello

CFO & VP of Marketing & Publicity

Beth Portello is a co-founder of Cinema Libre Studio and has overseen marketing and business development shepherding over 200 social issue films into the marketplace since 2003.

Previous to working in the film industry, Portello worked at adidas America as a marketer in various roles including Director of Event Marketing and Brand Project Manager leading a global initiative around NBA star Kobe Bryant. She is a graduate of University of California at Berkeley.

She is the producer of “The End of Poverty?,” a feature length documentary that asks why so much poverty exists in a world with so much wealth. The film, directed b Philippe Diaz, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and has screened at over 47 film festivals around the world as well as being released theatrically in the US and France.

While making this film, she was inspired to start "The Filmanthropy Project" as a means to give back directly to the people whose personal stories are shared in the making of documentaries. Currently the group has funded a micro-loan program for HIV+ members of the community organization STAWI located in the Kibera slum in Kenya as well as an ongoing feeding program for Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

She also shepherded Diaz's feature film "Now & Later" as producer.

In addition to marketing and finance responsibilities, Beth is developing a multi-episode series on the history of the electric guitar with a rock guitar legend and a documentary feature film on “brand love,” specifically why people love their Adidas/Nikes.

A co-founder of Cinema Libre Studio, Portello has been involved in distributing over 150 social issue films in the last ten years including Robert Greenwald’s Uncovered: The War on Iraq and OutFoxed, Josh Tickell’s Sundance Award-Winning, Fuel and Oliver Stone’s South of the Border. She produced The End of Poverty?, which has been viewed by a half-million people on YouTube. A graduate of U.C. Berkeley, and a former marketer at adidas, Portello and team are gearing up on a Kickstarter campaign for a follow up doc, To End Poverty. Follow @cinemalibre

For a complete list of production credits: IMDB