Cinema is a place of meeting and also of resistance. Knowing the capacity for survival and plenitude of Rita, Pakyî and Tamandua, despite the tragedy that strikes the history of their people, makes us question fundamental aspects of our way of existing in the world."
Mariana Oliva, Co-Director

"Participating in this project made me look at the so-called isolated people from another perspective. I came to see the power and resistance of those who live in the forest and in harmony with it."
Renata Terra, Co-Director

"Pakyî's and Tamandua's refusal to interact more closely with our social organization also means giving up the possibility of living within a limited understanding of time. And that should only encourage us to think what exactly we can be doing with it."
Bruno Jorge, Co-Director

"For opening our eyes to a man's relentless struggle to protect inalienable rights in a context of open hostility. For giving us the privilege of showing for the first time the miracle of the innocent eyes of two free men, in a documentary that gives us back our own image like a mirror and forces us to reflect on our own lives."
Jury of the Festival do Rio

"With this poignant, exceptional story, the filmmakers tackle a broad series of issues that should be high up on the international human rights agenda. The filmic quality of this documentary left us no choice but to award the Amsterdam Human Rights Award to ‘Piripkura.'"
Jury of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)

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