The original soundtrack was released in 1978. Plans for a re-release are in discussion.

Soundtrack Executive Producers TAMAR HOFFS & ANDREW DAVIS
The Stony Island Band Supervised by GENE BARGE
Score Composed by DAVID MATTHEWS
And featuring DAVID SANBORN on saxophone

Side 1 Side 2
Stony Island Band
Music by Carmi Simon
Lyrics and Vocals by Edward “Stoney” Robinson

Party Lights
Vocals Music and Lyrics by Tennyson Stephens

Published by UTOM Music/BMI

Song for Percy
Music by Larry Ball, Lyrics by Tennyson Stephens

Vocals by Gene Barge

Ride to Stony Island

Music by David Matthews

Gangster City

Music by David Matthews

Peace of Mind
Music by Carmi Simon

Vocals and Lyrics by Edward ‘Stony’ Robinson

Let’s Get It

Vocals, Lyrics and Music by Stevie Robinson

Percy Fired

Music by David Matthews

Chase the Train

Music by David Matthews

Everything Must Change
Music and Lyrics by Bernard Ighner

Vocals by Tennyson Stephens

Back to Business

Music by David Matthews

Just a Closer Walk With Thee
Traditional song

Arranged and sung by Ronnie Barron

High Speed Posters

Music by David Matthews

Dream Ride

Music by David Matthews
The Stony Island Band:
Richard Davis (guitar), Edward "Stoney" Robinson (vocals), George Englund (sax), Gene Barge (sax/vocals), Ronnie Barron (keyboard/vocals), Tennyson Stephens (keyboard/vocals), Larry Ball (bass), Windy Barnes (vocals), Rae Dawn Chong (vocals), Donnell Hagen (drums), Criss Johnson (guitar/vocals), Kenneth Brass (trumpet), Edwin Williams (trombone), Steele L. Seals (sax)

Musicians on Let's Get It: H. Donnell Arnold (guitar), Laurence Dawson (organ), Fred Grady(drums), Keith Harper (trumpet), Joseph Henderson (sax), Stevie Robinson (vocals/guitar), Antoine Swift (bass)

Additional brass musicians on Closer Walk: John L. Avant, Kenneth Bloom, Aaron Dodd, Emery Thompson

Additional Musicians on Stony Island Band and Song for Percy: Patrice Rushen (keyboards), James Gadson (drums), Cash McCall (guitar) Stony Island Band arranged by Larry Ball, Gene Barge, and the band.

Patrice Rushen appears courtesy of Elektra Records.

Musical Score - Composed by David Matthews

Score Musicians: David Sanborn (alto sax), Hiram Bullock (guitar), Cliff Carter (keyboards), Harry Lookofsky (violin), George Young (tenor sax), Mark Egan (bass), Jimmy Madison (drums), Dave Tafoni (flute), Dave Taylor (trombone), Dave Friedman (percussion), Joe Caro (guitar), Kenny Ascher (piano), Joe Shepley (trumpet), Alan Rubin (trumpet), Dave Samuels (percussion)

Music Production: Production Coordination - Tamar Hoffs, Location Band Coordinator - Carmi Simon, Chicago Location Recording - Richard Goodman, Remix Engineering - George St. John, Associate Recording Engineer -Tomlinson Holman, Score Recorded at C/I Studios, New York, Location Recording - Metro Audio, Mixed at the Trident Dubdown Room, Burbank Studios, Equipment Manager - Adam Griswold, Score Contractor - Emile Charlap, Orchestrator - Mitch Farber.

All Selections published by KID BROTHER MUSIC/BMI except Party Lights/Utom Music/BMI and Everything Must Change/Almo Music Corp./ASCAP