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"Émond doesn’t soften the blow, and she doesn’t milk the melodrama. Rather, she explores the many layers of nuance running through Arcan’s life — from her real writing talent and prescient portrayal of sex as a metaphor for so much more, to the unshakable emptiness that ultimately overwhelmed her."

- T’cha Dunlevy, Montreal Gazette

"Anne Émond’s Nelly eschews the traditional biopic structure to explore different facets of Arcan’s personality. Drawing from both her writing and general biographical information (often intentionally blurring the lines between the two), Émond weaves a portrait of Nelly the demure writer, Nelly the sex worker, Nelly the substance-abusing jealous lover and Nelly the celebrity. Not all of it is based in fact; not all of it has a direct correlation to Arcan’s fiction, either."

- Alex Rose, CULT Montreal

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